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    Metal Slug Mario

    ok i really didnt want to make this thread but i felt it had to be done..

    *sigh* can we get some callsign (name) storys in ere?

    basically how u came up with your In Game name like how mines is now

    Metal Zonic becase i like metal sonic just a little more than mario and sonic (face it he kick @$$ nuff said)


    Crispy Critter

    I think we had a thread about this a while back… anyway, my nick dates back to 1985, on the University of Illinois PLATO system, where I used it in Avatar (a way-ahead-of-its-time multiplayer RPG).

    PLATO itself was way ahead of its time, with touchscreen plasma panel displays, online chat, email, and discussion forums, and so on – and yet a cheap PC these days has far more CPU and memory than the CDC Cyber mainframe which ran it.



    @Crispy Critter wrote:

    I think we had a thread about this a while back…

    Yes, the original topic started in 2004 but hasn’t been moved from the wrong forum. This new topic should be appended or linked to the original topic.

    But the simple explanation for my nick remains the same.


    Metal Slug Mario

    hm.. ok then il just have to dredge that one up…

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