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    Hope its not late for some requests.

    1. Using rest of your buying time for Aiming.
    Suppose you click OK or Cancel earlier – you can start aiming not waitng others to finish buying. This can speed the game in some situation, and make the aiming easy for the player.

    2. Teleports, fuel, chutes and shield into the same tab.
    In previous ver. there was verry difficult to collect all the weapons when you choose defence tactic (first chutes, then other tab for fuel and goto the another tab to find teleport…)
    Can the teleport/teleport_possiton be moved to the defence tab too?

    3. Some kind of notification about receiving gifts at the top of Buying window.
    3.1 and for the fair play there must be notification in to the chats channel too.

    4. for the mods – Grey out unavailable weapons at the momment.
    The idea is all weapons stay at the same place and if you see that weapon is unavailable into the list stop searching for it.

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