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      Switched the server to use async messaging (should fix unresponsive servers)
      Switched the client to use async messaging (should stop pauses waiting for server)
      Switched the server to use shorter message timeouts.
      Continuous simulation, game continues even when window not selected.
      Changed particles physics to remove floating point errors (should fix most sync problems).
      Client remains connected after network game finishes.
      Shot timer for shots and dialogs.
      Kick from server dialog.
      Add all options to server.
      Can view score dialog during game.
      Water simulation problems + water fade fixed (waves gets larger and larger)
      Fixed “no smoke” bug for missile trails.
      Black screen when full clear checked bug fixed.
      Fixed splash made when firing underwater.
      multiplayer smoke tracers and tracers fixed.
      Cap on money and weapons.
      Dvorak keyboard support added.
      Added option to turn lense flares off.
      can reverse up/down cursor keys.
      readme.txt updates
      autoexec.cfg start-up config file added
      Can read and write console to/from file.
      Fonts support dynamic colors
      Chat text now in player color
      Player names over each tank.
      Larger text space in chat box.
      Larger connection dialog.
      Lighter tank colors.
      Connect dialog now scrolls to bottom when new text added.
      Each window is visible/hidden across all game states.
      Text does not disappear when moved off left of screen.
      Text stays in banner for longer (message window at top of screen)
      Text that disappears from banner goes to console.
      Banner at top of screen displays who killed who.
      Banner at top of screen says if player resigns.
      Console works in all states
      Consoles and dialogs use key history to be more responsive
      Scrolls to bottom of server window when new text added
      Undo for player rotation, elevation and power. (U Key)
      HUD shows diff between last rotation, elevation and power
      Physics can be changed on a per particle basis.
      Added new “Funky Bomb” physics to test.
      MOTD file for server (message of the day).
      Indicator window shows if players are ready for each shot.
      Can move background in all states.
      Back to options instead of quit when finished single player
      Another cool tank added (thanks to Cameron Smith).
      Can view server settings from server.
      Can choose wait time seperately from shot time.
      Player remains connected when server detects too few players
      Mirvs projectile path adjustion
      Spread mirvs added.
      Money per round and hit can be changed.
      Drop down list of servers added to client.
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