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      Skins for tanks.
      Sound mixing using DX 8.1
      Context sensitive sounds
      New computer AI uses shields and retaliates.
      Computer AIs can cope with wind.
      Computer AIs can choose to resign.
      Computer AIs resign after too many shots.
      Parachutes do not get switched off after a use.
      New riot bomb weapons added.
      Transparent gaming windows.
      User able to choose display frequency.
      Can now choose to buy on first round.
      Option to kill all remaining players on quit screen (ESC key).
      Collision detection does not allow shots underground.
      LOD around tanks is automatically higher.
      LOD is not recalculated if camera does not move.
      LOD variance is recalculated correctly during battles.
      Smoke does not “run out”.
      Smoke generated by tank is in proportion to how hurt it is.
      Power can be changed using numeric keypad +/-.
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