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    I just had the weirdest and funniest bug I have ever seen in the game:
    I had a force shield . The shield was 100/100 and I shot some1 who has force shield too. I shot on him a BABY ROLLER..ofcousre the baby roller bounced off…and return back to hit me and..took off my shield..and killed me.
    I thought baby rollers arn’t sopose to kill a force shield.. right?? 😀 😀
    Wasn’t it been fix on the 38.x version? 😛

    After that round another unbleiveble event happened:
    Me, Klist and another player where near each other. I shot FB on those two. Green Fairy shot FB on the 3 of us..he got 1..that1 died funky and killed the other player who was near him (and near me). That plyer died ALSO funky…and kill me!! I died (ofcourse) ALSO funky.
    Oh..I got no kill on that turn 😀 😀



    I think Gavin stated somewhere that shields are no defence against your own shots. So if you shoot straight up on 0 wind, (or the appropriate angle for the relevant wind force, as detailed by badshot in another thread), you will hit yourself no matter what shield you have deployed.

    As for the Funky Family Reunion, that doesn’t count as a true Ebo. 😛



    Or in other words if u cant aim right there will be a way to show u how suck u r 😀

    So what’s a true Ebo??? 😆



    Yup this is something i brought up various occasions (I think Gavin wants to shoot me to shut me up 😆 ) – Funky Bombs close ranges, wild DH bombets being swung around, or whatever the case may be.. if its your weapon, your sheild will not protect you.

    The logic if I recal was simple – they need to be allowed out in the first place.. but (Beating-Dead-Horse-Mode: ON)…



    A “true” Ebo is shooting someone nearby and they funky, killing you in the process. Did that three rounds in a row one game… 😥



    rofl 😀 😀

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