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    I’ve been spending the day in Apoc and on two ocassions I’ve seen where the target should have died without any question (even reported that it died) and yet it shows up as though nothing happened.

    In both occasions (One time it happened against Blasterman, the second against the Apoc’s BOT.) the target had a solid shield and I sent a leap frog directly at it.

    Now I can say with certainty that (especially when the enemy shield isn’t too strong) a leap frog against shield is a promised death. Thier that good.

    Yet the target lives. In fact when I was facing Blaster, he put up another shield, and I sent another leap frog and that time he DID die.

    Bob thinks that it could be a Client VS Server issue, where I see dead target but the server does not.

    However I don’t think it could be that because the conditions are not involving random parameters. Weapon directly collides with enemy shield and explosive blast is direct contact.

    Has anyone else in MAIN or otherwise ever see this happen? Where the target has impossible surivival chances — and the game even claims you killed target — yet the target sort of “respawns” ?



    I have seen this before. I brought it up in a couple of games. I dont remember if the bot or player was using a shield or not.

    One of the times it would not show that i killed the bot on my end, but i was told the server did say that i had killed the target. I only saw it a couple of times.



    Willis, you should have spent more time with test version with all these bugs you’re finding, lol.



    I reported an error like this several versions ago.

    I never got a reply.



    Its just because I hate these types of problems 🙂
    Rest assured I am looking at all the issues in this forum.



    “it strange you know
    everywhere I look is see dead people”

    LOL could not resist



    I posted a possibly related topic several months ago.

    Related? Hard to know without additional evidence or understanding of the source code.

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