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    I’ve been trying to join some server (hosted by BrainDamage) with toybox mod today, and got this error:

    the scorched3d process terminated due to configuration errors
    program assert: cloudTextire_.replace(bitmapCloud, GL_RGBA)

    I’m using Version 40.1c (ck)



    I guess the obvious suggestion would be: Maybe you should try it with v40.1d.



    I’m guessing its using an invalid texture size, did it print any message to stdout?


    Brain Damage

    more infos:
    -it doesn’t happend to me (only with certain people, not everyone)
    -it happeds every time the server loads a map using the castle texture (including the “standard map” glaciation, wich i have left unaltered)
    -it happends only when they connect to my server; not when playing offline.
    -the crash happends while loading the map on the client.
    -this seems to be happening since version 40 (i was already using the castle texture in v39-39.1; but never crashed no one)
    -before version 40.1 it was crashing either windows & linux clients (still not every player, just some of them)
    -after version 40.1 only some linux clients seems to be crashing (people with windows who previously seems to be experiencing the crash doesn’t crash anymore)
    -upgrading to ver 40.1d won’t fix the crash, since i know people with crashes even with that version.
    -i cannot reproduce the crash on my computer (maybe it’s hardware or software related, i’d say more hardware since it was happening on both OS)
    -the people who experience the crash on my server doesn’t crash on the official servers when playing on the glaciation map.



    Are you using sky textures the same size as the original ones?


    Brain Damage

    yes, i just linked the “default shipped” texture

    i have an idea, in version 39 i were using the extures from castle map, maybe they remained on those pc and they cause the crash. (it doesn’t happed on windows anymore since the installer has cleared the mod folder)

    perhaps you should try to delete the mod’s folder & it again (it’s just 2 megs packed)



    what about a wrong texture depth. I.E. 16bit instead of 24bit.


    Brain Damage

    as i said i only placed a link to the map texture file in the mod, it won’t alterate any picture depth or anything, so if the coputer doesn’t crash on the “no-mod official servers” glaciation map, it shouldn’t do in my map because i left unaltered



    @jdog wrote:

    what about a wrong texture depth. I.E. 16bit instead of 24bit.

    I believe I saw a comment somewhere in the code about a ‘cheap hack’ to determine 16bit or 24bit mode..

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