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    While testing out some tanks I realized that if I let the buy time run out, it wasn’t switching to the next player… Like for instance, It would say “player 1’s turn” and have the buy menu for player 1 and then when the buy time runs out it would say “Player 1 failed to move.” “Player 2’s turn” but it would still be on Player 1’s buy menu.

    Here are the settings I have that would affect this. In a custom, single/multiplayer game, I have it set to 3 players, 2 teams, no balanced teams, and buy time of 40 secs.

    When I get to the player select window, I leave them all on Human and leave everything on defaults including the player names. (player 1 being on team one, player 2 being on team 2, and player 3 being on team 1). I also select the same tank and have the same default icon.



    Never noticed it myself but then again when I was testing a tank out I wanted to see if I had the aimming right on it. Also this bug may have been in the game for awhile, while we all rush to shoot each other before the timer runs out.

    Does it happen if you have one human player and the rest computer?
    what kind of turns do you have?
    everyone fires at once?
    Loser first?
    winner first?



    I don’t know if it does it with the rest set to computer or not… I have the turn type set to Sequential (Loser First).



    Thanks m8, fixed.



    @gcamp wrote:

    Thanks m8, fixed.

    Thanks for the quick response. Now I know I’m not crazy. 😆

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