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    I played few rounds with 3-2 players. I was in the lead. In mid game there was only 2 of us left. The other player left and I started the 6th round alone. I though, due the 39.1 version, that I will see “too few players. stoppimg play” . just did: “next round” amd loading screen of that next1..and again “next round and load…till end of game>>10th round. There was no winner ofcours..
    Y not just say the old message? “to few players…… and to stop the game and show the score?
    Is this new thing is a change or could be a bug??




    I’ve actually seen that happen on my server too when people leave. It rapidly generates landscapes until it gets to the last round before displaying the ‘too few players’ message. Very strange.



    sounds like part of a fix to the complaint players had about the game ending when people left, and no winner being declared. If the rest of the fix (whatever that may be) is implemented, maybe it won’t be a problem.

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