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    funny bug, check attached screenshot.

    i killed some1 with a bbm,
    and he survived :S:S:S

    PS i took out the irrelevant parts or other ppl’s comments…



    Thats a bad bug…

    Squish it!



    I have seen this bug once in the past 3.5 years myself. Obviously a very rare, infrequent bug —
    but annoying nonetheless if you’re the tank’s killer!

    Reminds me of another rare bug that I’ve seen only once.



    I wonder what is causing this…

    Maybe the server?

    Two events that occur creating actions which cancel each other out?

    And the link u posted hobbes.

    That is an odd one…

    So is this…


    Guardian Angel

    You didnt kill him Picci, cause Bubba’s digger dropped him down.
    If it were not for that digger then…

    Maybe this bug has the same nature with fuel-digger bug, when moving player after dropping down into hole appears again outside it.

    I had witnessed this (kill-no-kills) bug couple times recently, it was also connected with falling.

    Both cases guy in force shield was funked up (once it was me), and they reported about ‘kill’ but was just heavy damage.
    In both cases first coming bomblets caused falling down on chutes and wind was strong and probably the nature of bug that part of server responsible for reporting thinks that target still at the same position (yes being there it would be killed), and in this case it would be dead, but target moves in the air so things are little different…

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