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    Sometimes when you select skip all moves the 5 sec timer at the start of each shot will go past 0 and continue -1, -2, …

    Don’t remember what happens if you let it keep counting though. It seems it mostly happens when you alt+tab between scorched and other programs. I think it has happend under different conditions as well but I didn’t pay close enough attention then so not too sure about that.

    Anyhoooo, I’m sure I’m not the only one that ever used auto skip so feel free to add to my description.

    In any case a negative timer is not a correct behaviour by definition.


    Brain Damage

    i know exactly what you mean, it happened to me too, here’s a screenshot, i’ve noticed that while the skip timer keeps going it doesn’t trigger the automtic skip the shoot timer keeps going until it runs out and you will have missed a move, also i noticed that once the bug has shown and lead you to miss a move, the following consecuntial skips will behave the same way.



    Should be fixed now.





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