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    pastor of muppets

    TIme is ummm approx 8:38 CST I’m in main and my tank just poofed. I didn’t die I didn’t resign I just disappeared. Has happened before to others just thought I’d report it.



    I confirm that, played with POM that match.



    I think I have seen that happen to me before. been a while though. I suppose it would be something to do with random detail settings, and graphics card. Were you within a tight area of terrain or anthing that could have been in the way?


    pastor of muppets

    Gosh boy I don’t remember now it’s been a while. I was there I took a shot or two I waited to aim and I never had the opportunity I was just gone. Camera stayed in position of my last shot as if I had taken a shot and died. Everyone else started shooting again and I checked the console to see who killed me. Nothing no one had killed me and I hadn’t resigned I just Poofed into thin air.



    Maybe Ellie pulled yer plug…. :mrgreen:


    pastor of muppets

    Dang chop never thought of that but it makes sense now that you say it.



    could u give some more details ? like OS, hardware and game version ?



    I reckon it was the coyote’s.
    They’ve been struck with stardom and as you’re nolonger filming them, they’re trying to get your attention.
    Hence, they climbed the telegraph pole and chewed your tank out of the phone line.
    Expect it to happen again until you film the wild dogs once more.


    pastor of muppets

    Deer season opens tomorrow and I am taking my video camera with me. I should get some footage of coyotes, owls, squirrels, a bobcat or two and maybe even a deer. So hopefully that will appease them and I can get back to scorching.

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