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    Okay I tried to set up a game with:

    minimum players: 5
    maximum players: 14
    remove bots after: 5

    okay now I set up the first four of the fourteen positions as random and the next 9 as human slots. here is what happens:

    five bots come into the game when I start the server and start to play.
    when a human comes in, the fifth bot leaves. but when the human leaves, the fifth bot returns.

    Aren’t there only supposed to be FOUR bots? I was hoping to have the server stay in the waiting mode until the 5 player ( a human) joins the game. and I have changed the settings which I stated above to try and get this to happen and still have the bots leave (if I put specific bot types in the playere config, only four bots show up, but they don’t ;leave the game one at a time like they should be doing as human players join the game) and I couldn’t get it to do exaclty what I wanted it to,

    any ideas how to set this up?

    let me state my needs again without all the junk.

    four bots in a waiting server, as humans join and start a game going, the bots leave as each player joins (with a minimum of five players in at any given time).


    Brain Damage

    Did you tryed to add a random bot type?
    I’ve tryed to add a random bot, but a bug added 2 bots instead of 1; also a game will start WITHOUT players joined, and the bot will keep shoting.
    The bot removing settings will work the same as expectied, it will start to remove a bot each time a player will join starting from 5 players.

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