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    This dude gives terminator a run for the money.. 😆



    haha that is classic television right there! He definitely plays the action game card well, astalavista terminator!



    above mentioned film ehidharan/Robot is produced by south Indian cinema was released in many languages and was highest grosser of recent times . Starring Rajnikant and ex miss world Aishwarya. I want to emphasise the term bollywood is reserved for film produced at Mumbai or earlier Bombay a la Hollywood. Bollywood cheifly produces film in Hindi/Marathi /English so have a pan indian presense . But there r other places where films r produced Calcutta /Kolkata and many cities in south India like Chennai (Madras) and in Kerala state. Mind you sir, there r 16 official languages in India and many dialects. Bollywood is largest producer of films in the world. In the above mentioned film many technitian, make up artists and stunt co ordinators were from Hollywood as well as Hongkong. There is also many good studio coming up in India for animation as well as computer generated scenes as there r good IT force as well as many pictures to be produced. But still not near to Hollywood technically but catching up.



    flash 11 – theyre doing a new gpu acceleration thing. should mean proper 3d games in your browser within another year or so, and/or more standalone flash games. it’s big business, and the big advantage is that they’ll run on any platform. (kind of like jvm)



    haha, had a friend who was really into Bollywood movies but I’m pretty sure they were nothing like that

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