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    This is a quick edited video I made from BioShock, music by Thom Yorke, called The Clock.

    Time is running out, for us all 😕



    Laptops Daddy

    you’re very talented, mr. wolf. impressive as always.

    i was working on a bit of a video myself. got bored, moved on before i finished. (story of my life i guess). anyway, new concept here:

    it’s a little choppy. i was thinking about writing a keypress script/exe to automate/smooth-out scorched rotate/zoom stuff. would you be interested in something like that if i bothered?



    Nice one. If you’re looking for other games to make movies out of, Abe’s Odyssey / Abes Exodus (for ps1) could turn out pretty cool. Bleak alien future slaveworld stuff. It’s a 2d sidescroller so you’d need to use cutscenes if you were looking for 3d, but there is some nice scenery and so on in the 2d backdrops. Plus it’s a good series to play through. :-k
    Obligatory drug reference: I’ll take a shot of whatever mister rayden hands guy is having.
    While we’re being off topic, the ‘right where it belongs’ video you have up there is great too. ❗

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