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    It’s been awhile since I asked thrax to convert the Best of S3d mod to the new version. But I have heard no results. I think we should show him how much we really want it!

    To those who don’t know it, this mod had a little bit of everything from the other mods available at the time. The weapons and shields were modified and descriptions were changed to suit the space themed story.

    This mod was not seen since v39.1

    It also had an innovative sheild whos idea was by me, but it’s features were not present at the time. the code is in the mod, it’s just disabled. Now that we are 3 versions ahead, the features are sure to exist.

    Anyway… please vote here. (If you’re a mod hater, please be considerate and don’t vote based on the fact that it’s a mod)

    Edit: I have voted in this topic as well.



    I am working on it first, as no-one else has called for another mod to
    be converted instead. It will take me a few days, since I also have a full
    time job that keeps me worn out.

    It was one of BOY’s earliest mod works, which he put a lot of time and
    effort into. However, that multi-function shield is just not possible, and
    likely won’t be any time soon. It’s Lable isn’t really accurate, but untill Boy
    and I can come up with something more fitting, I’ll leave it named Best-of
    for now..



    ah. I was just way dissapointed when he stopped working on it awhile back. I didn’t want it to die like moogle mod. (I’m not really a big fan of that one but I have no other examples)


    pastor of muppets

    I never played it before but I’d love to see it so I can give it a go.



    @pastor of muppets wrote:

    I never played it before but I’d love to see it so I can give it a go.

    Besides the Ai weapon sets and a run-thru of each map for glitches, i’m
    nearly finished.

    Since I never made a version for v41, i had all that step of progress to
    incorperate. Will try to get them done and tested in the next few days.

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