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    @.-*-.ShoCkwaVe.-*-. wrote:

    heres a power crate so you dont have to use a bannana πŸ˜›

    though I spose you could use this for a fuel cell or something else
    if jdog already sent one.

    thats alot nicer looking then my plain wooden crate.

    It looks nice as a fuel cell too.



    thanks for the compliment jdog, but that simple
    wooden crate just may be what gavin is going for πŸ˜‰

    and a nice wooden crate it is.. you seem to be get’n milkshape
    down well now it apears and, am glad :D.
    very nice texture mapping.

    the goal here is to make sure gcamp has what he needs
    I don’t really care who makes what as long as he does’nt have
    to use bananas! LOL

    only if he would inform us on his own requests so we know
    what is needed.

    even a *smack* not good enough (or)
    what I actually had in mind was..
    would be nice so we know what he wants.

    after all, you would think as many requests *WE ALL* make
    to him..we could atleast give back & help him out in some way πŸ˜›

    all he has to do is ask & it’s done as far as im concerned.
    as he has always 9 out of 10 taken the time to give us what we want
    or ask him for.

    now I may need to go wipe my nose off..
    it seems to have some brown on it. j/k



    @gcamp wrote:

    @.-*-.ShoCkwaVe.-*-. wrote:

    well this is what I have been working on and my submission
    for the challenge.

    Looks great.

    *though* I must have been confused in what boy said and thought
    bases *could* have seperate units but, it was already 2 late and
    already started work on it and was close to being done *sniffle* .

    You can have seperate units, as many as you want.
    You can also have units inside another units shields etc…

    I think what Boy was asking for was a generator outside the shield that would stop the shield of another unit when destroyed.

    Yop, that’s what i was getting at. πŸ™‚

    I’m alwasy thinking of ways to make the game more complex, I know πŸ™„

    The base does look great, so it is a handful of separate models all placed properly together? If its all one model it will only be able to have one shield then I think.

    with an “assembly” of models, it will be tricky to design the base to look right on an incline or after the terrain is deformed.

    will maps have preset locations and orientations for the models?

    One major thing about having a mission oriented game (sorry if this is already discussed), I think there should be a way to have separate money and accessroy settings available for the AI’s that the players dont have, and vice vers. for instance the AI turret should for a base should have unlimited ammo in some cases, whereas the players should not.

    I might be getting a bit beyond the model chalenge, sorry. 😳



    @.-*-.ShoCkwaVe.-*-. wrote:

    thanks for the compliment jdog, but that simple
    wooden crate just may be what gavin is going for πŸ˜‰

    and a nice wooden crate it is.. you seem to be get’n milkshape
    down well now it apears and, am glad :D.
    very nice texture mapping.

    Thanks, for the compliment. I was on texture try number 8 when I got it!
    5 minutes to model, 2 days to texture, LOL.

    But your right, it really is about what Gavin needs here.

    -note- I think I could use your “fuel cell” in my mod for the Alien Domes landscape.



    Now that I think about it,

    when i look at that crate I am get’n a wicked idea in my head!!

    would’nt it be neat if one round out of every 1 game there
    is a crazy8 crate like that with a question mark on it.

    that is completely a *random* accessory for who ever obtains it.

    being *anything* from free tracers,defence items,fuel
    -to- it exploding in their face (or) digging the player
    as a risky twist 😈

    it might be funny to watch that happen! πŸ˜†

    or even an 8 ball model –> (*.)
    that changes colors in ani so its easier to identify
    something like added:


    blue=defence accessories
    green=weapons accessories
    red=(8 ball)–>something bad is about to happen to you.
    even losing some cash!!



    Early work on a base… The Canadian Parliament Buildings. My idea is to have the Parliaments, Whitehouse, etc from major countries.

    Lots more work to do, but I just thought I’d post.
    About 180 pollies so far.


    updated image



    Those bases look really good. 😯 πŸ˜€



    wow @ cbx

    😯 now that’s just an *amazing* example of some..
    –>damn good<– texture mapping for such a low poly model
    that I may have *ever* seen.

    😳 kinda makes my base look like *%$#

    very nice work, you have my vote *so far*



    Thanks! πŸ™‚

    SS from in the game:

    I just made it into a tank to see how it looks in the game…. it looks pretty funny when you use fuel. πŸ˜‰

    It’s 520 triangles now – I’m pretty happy with that, but I really need to make a better tex for the main tower and for the roof, and also need to work on the “burnt” version. (That might be tricky)



    heres the finished 3 burnt versions of the comssite i submited
    so if only the coms hq is hit with napalm then only the coms hq is burnt.

    id like to see some of bobirovs secondary explosion effects
    tags included into it as he did with some apoc buildings. πŸ˜‰

    note: if i don’t win.. wich is looking more like the case,
    I imagine cambos base *if* he gets to it.. will make that final. heh
    then I hope atleast apoc can make use of the coms site
    if no1 else sent him one (hint hint). πŸ˜‰



    The WhiteHouse:

    516 Trianlges.

    I have some good inspiration for the burnt version from some artwork from the War of 1812.

    More to come….



    btw: Shock – I really like that “coms” base of yours!

    I’ll DL it and check it out later…. I’ve got the modelling bug right now. πŸ˜‰



    One last one for today: Buckingham Palace.

    Pretty early version – tons of work left to do.



    @ whitehouse .. sweeT looks just like it.


    I hope george does’nt see that ❗

    he may decide to invade canada
    (or) add your name to the terrorist list ROFL /jk

    very nice monuments.


    can you possibly make some military type targets
    to go with the mostly WWII theme?

    something like sites that are top 10 on any given military
    target list..such as:

    comunication sites, artilery sites, sam sites, oil fields,
    armorys, factorys, nucular instilations,

    even an actual military base with watchtowers, tents, a messhall,
    flag in center court.

    hmm, maybe an airbase with apaches on ground, jets & airtower?

    with those skills I imagine you could drum
    up some wicked military targets πŸ˜€



    Here’s the “completed” Canadian Parliament for a base. I may do more, but this’ll do for now.

    The burnt version is about 1000 triangles – I had fun doing that! I’ve never done anything like that before – it took a bit more creativity that making boxes and gluing images onto them. πŸ˜‰

    The burnt version has the files prefixed by “b_”
    The file was too big to attach, get it below:
    Off to burn the White House now! πŸ˜†


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