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    Hello all
    Because Mandy and I have to share my PC (which she hates) I would like to hear from the community what I should look for in a PC just for her.

    What are the min. requirements to run Scorched at 1024/768 without her game slowing down to much and her getting kicked.

    Also would a wireless card help her share the connection on my DSL modem?

    It would also have to be able to run at least XP and Office

    And be able to support future versions of Scorched Earth

    Any and all input would be usefull

    Thank you



    Not sure what exactly you need, but just for a frame of reference I can tell you what I run on.

    Intel D850GB motherboard
    Old socket 423 1.7 GHz Pentium 4, 400 MHz FSB
    640MB PC800 RDRAM (no comments please :P)
    128MB Radeon 9700 Pro
    SB Live! 24-bit
    WD 80GB HD, 7200 RPM with 8MB cache

    No it is by no means a top of the line machine. But, it runs just fine with some slowdown but its well beyond playable. I only run it at 800×600 in windowed mode though. And please, no comments from the peanut gallery about how RDRAM is expensive crap.. 😛



    I think the first thing you need to do for the best assistance is give the community an example budget to work with.

    otherwise you will get too many differing opionions i bet


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    The system requirements for the latest version of Scorched3d are still pretty modest (compared to the latest 1st person shooters). I run version 39 with a homebuilt Athlon XP+ 2500 system with 512 MB of RAM, a 128 MB Radeon 9600SE and Windows98SE at 1024 x 768 and get excellent frame rates 99% of the time (the exception is with multiple Death Heads).

    Performance with my PowerMac G4 is very similar – and it’s got a 1.33 GHz G4 with 512 MB of RAM , 64 MB Radeon 8500 and OSX 10.3.9. My Mac runs MS Office just fine – though I’m still waiting for Gavin to finish the v39 port of Scorched.



    I have a generic DELL with an intel 82865G Graphics card with newest drivers. its only 64mb integraded video RAM but it seems to work ok. I cannot run the full detail settings though. (most gamers HATE dell, but dont worry about all of them 😉 – Dell is affordable) for best graphics go with a better graphics card of course 🙂

    I think you could get by with a processor as slow as 1.0 GHZ but best to get something around 1.8 GHZ as it will last longer.

    if you plan to run windows get about 512mb of RAM (mine has 768mb)

    IMHO no one needs a hard drive larger than 80 GB, just buy a DVD burner and you can archive old files. 😛



    The sample budget we have is 600 euro (though her happyness is worth so much more). But thanks for all the input 😀


    Apollo Tangent

    I’m running a zenith Z1000, it comes with zenith vectoring tools 8) which you can adapt to various shooter games.

    It has a variable CPU rate. (but a monochromatic monitor) 😉 (depends on how fast you can make your hamster run on the exercise wheel thingie) for the CPU speed.

    Hamsters are cheap, I heard that some people use gerbils instead. (nothing gay about that)… lol

    I suppose if cocaine is readily available, you could trap a high energy rodent like a chipmunk or squirrel, then shoot a few bumps of blow up it’s nostrils… then watch the bearings melt as it runs in that damned wheel thingie.

    Of course on the down side, the repurcussions of bringing the entire internet down (if you were to use the above method) might make you lose friends.

    seriously though: Just search Video card issues on the boards… (I think NVideo) <<<< might have more issues than others. Then research your prospective machines and make sure that they don't have those vid cards in them.

    If you want to run LAN and need a bypass for ID so 2 machines can run in S3D, I could be persuaded to accomodate that issue with one of the many I have devised/ discovered.

    But you have to promise to throw gavin money through pay pal first.



    M. O.

    P-4 2.6 ht enabled
    2gb PC3200
    Nvidia GEForce FX 5700 LE 256MB DDR ram
    3 Maxtor 120GB PATA Ultra 133 8mb Cache Hd’s
    1 Maxtor 40 GB PATA Ultra 133 2MB Cache HD
    Sound Blaster Live audio card
    2X KDS XF-9s 19in 1600×3200 Flat Screen Monitors With a Virtual Resolution of

    Run the game @ 1600×1200 full detail in 1 screen while watching tv @ fulscreen 1600×1200 on the other with a little slowdown on large weapons like DH’s.

    😯 8) 😯 8) 😈 😈



    Well have got my wife a DELL 4600 that meets all the specs for running Scorched Earth

    Now for another question I only have one DSL model with wireless abilities

    with only one jack should we get a wireless card or what cabling would we need to get so both of us can use the internet at the same time. I play alot of GUNZ, Freelancer, and World of Martial Arts Heroes.

    (BTW she haggled it down to $240 dollars) 😆 😀



    Get a cable/DSL wireless router – they typically have 4 wired ports also. They’re very inexpensive – CompUSA has one one sale for $2.99 (after mail-in rebate).


    Apollo Tangent

    Don’t forget that you can get a cross over cat 5e cable and do direct peer to peer. It’s easily done.

    Cut out the LAN until you get a third computer.

    What can go wrong with a LAN generally will. (Murphy’s Law).

    there are internet sites that will walk you through the process.




    Apollo is right, there is no need to go with wireless if you have got easy way to hookup by cable connection. Extra cost for wirelss is probly not much but think of all the extra radio signals going through your brain (or other parts) causing cancer and stuff 😛 A cat 5e cable can often be gotten for next to nothing. 😀



    another question, just to be sure….. are you on a dialup connection?

    if so, are you always logged on, and can you have two connections going at the same time?



    now with DSL I am going to hardwire both PC’s through a hub had 56K for too many years

    Both PC will have XP so I am just making a home network with both going through a DSL hub

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