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    Saddistic Fungus

    Hey guys, I wrote this song for a band i play in. And for a girl too… but thats a given.

    I dunno crappy quality cause i had to size it down, but i would like ur guys oppinions


    Saddistic Fungus

    goddamn doesnt anyone have an oppinion


    guy parker

    well…. i can’t sing myself, so i am reluctant to criticise, but these vocals are not to my liking. the guitar is decent enough, but overall it’s not my type of music so i can’t say much about it. also, does the song have anything to do with scorch?? i couldn’t really understand the lyrics, but i didn’t hear anything related to the game in any direct way. but, you know… music is a very interperative thing, i’m a big metal fan, so i’m probably not the right person to review it, but i thought i’d throw out one comment for you

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