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    Right, just to let you know where i’ve been hiding on the off chance anyone was wondering. I was recently involved in a serious car accident and i have just came out of hospital after having a life threatening Operation to remove a blood clot. In case your interested, an elderly lady took over a car and before i had time to re-act she went head on into me. Unfortunatly her and her husband died at the scene and i went into a coma very fortunatly as silly as it sounds and im glad to be back here today. It hit local papers and news in the midlands UK but i should be back with you guys soon.

    So dont kill too much you guys… Im dreading my stats when i return :). Anyways guys, Miss getting my ass kicked by you guys and i’ll see you all soon.

    Have fun, Princey (The Novice)…. 🙂


    Mcb Lover

    uh oh….wellcom back with all hands and legs Princey



    Glad to know you are doing better. Hope you are 100 percent better soon.



    Sad situation. Take care, and hope to get shot by you soon.




    She didnt see a hedgehog with a cup on its head, start laughing and lose control I hope?
    How ironic THAT would be..
    So, have any nice dreams while being a lazy git and sleeping for…. how long?


    The AI

    I was wondering why you were reading idle this entire time, no wonder I couldn’t talk to you about maps for spook.

    Glad you are feeling better; any chance of X-rays? They would be a great map.


    KTM Rider

    Wow, wondered what happened to you, Princey. Didn’t expect it to be that bad.

    You better get back to tip top shape, the stats are degrading fast! In all seriousness, though. I’m glad you’re alright.

    Heal well.

    Yeah, always looking for a map, AI….. would tie in some nifty Scorched3D community, though.



    thanks guys…. and no the notorious hedgehog was not around thank god. Yeah feel much better just nauseated really. will be 100% very soon 🙂



    i am glad you are alright as well 😉

    welcome back




    I hope you get well soon Princey.

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