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    Okay, for the hardcore folks, here is a small mod that just enables baby missiles and parachutes. In order to do this I also had to edit the tankais file so they wouldn’t try to use weapons that aren’t available, just in case you’re wondering why its in there.. 😉

    To install:

    Extract the archive to:

    C:Documents and Settings.scorched3dmods

    So for example if I was currently logged into windows as Bobirov, I’d install it to:

    Extract to ~/.scorched3d/mods/

    When extracted, the archive will automatically create a new folder called bbmonly which contains the mod files.

    Enjoy. 😀


    M. O.

    Ok I have found 1 small bugg I think.



    Should be fixed now. That is what happens when I do something right before I go to sleep. Didn’t think about the environmental effects hehe. I also added in the laser beam death animation as well.


    M. O.

    Actually I was using the accessories.xml I createdwhich looked exactly like yours. and I seriously woould have missed that one. Thanks I’m learning. 😛

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