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    Proud doing the first shot in the movie. 😉

    Well done soupie! Makes me greedy for more…


    Apollo Tangent

    I have some things that I’m working on for you to interject into your videos

    check out a small example

    please let me know when you have standardized your resoulution so I can make things workable for you.




    @Apollo Tangent wrote:

    I have some things that I’m working on for you to interject into your videos

    Yup, I will be happy to use them, I am kinda taking a break, I just bought the game Driv3r, I am planning to use it to create a machinima movie, once I am able to get the settings all correct I plan on filming while I play so I can maybe get an idea for a script, then I have to find some people with unique voices to verbalize the script, I already have a couple of coworkers interested who would be willing to lend thier voice.
    but I do do have another video close to done I could put your logos in.
    nice to hear from you, sounds like u have been busy.

    I have been using 800×600 resolution, what I have been doing is using an 800×600 pure black jpeg and I paste any logos on to that otherwise the program will stretch out the picture no matter the size to 800×600.


    Apollo Tangent

    Okay it looks like I just missed ya, lol, check your email.

    I’m getting good at doing this tricky thing…

    If you have a few frames that you want made into transitions like that example, let me know, I’ll be happy to help you with any project you have going on.

    I have 4 transitions made, plus a transition credit to myself that you can toss in at the end if you care to.

    I have made them in a 400×300 format (easier to work with but shouldn’t be too lossy when you splice them in.) Also I made them Divx 5.2.1 format so you should be able to use them as well. Here is one of them:


    Apollo T.



    Dire what videos do you want to be uploaded to the server?

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