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    To any ‘normal’ person that’s come here:

    To the bastages of this forum.

    Hey guys, gals and “The Special Ones”.

    As I know I’ll have been missed these past couple months or more, I thought I’d share something cool to say hey and to wish y’all a

    Merry (or high, low, up, down or boring straight whatever your persuation)

    Also to say that Firefox bloody sux donkey balls. Captcha on this site doesn’t work it (stable or beta), flash crashes several times a day and it’s different to chrome in the finer things :@

    Trying to get away from the ever increasing evil that’s leaking out of Google these days but I just can’t find a decent browser to replace Chrome. Opera’s MUCH worse than it used to be (especially when tab/bookmark syncing is a real requirement to my phone) and there’s little else that’s not lacking most features 🙁

    I’ve been into the bitcoin mining thing recently, or more accurately crypto-coin mining and trading with my old man (who’s financing it and sorting the ‘business’ side of things)
    Had the primary rigs running just over 2 weeks ‘properly’, just over 3 weeks ‘honestly’ and our current ‘estimated Portfolio value’ is 0.88290201 BTC and the exchange rate is $796.33 per bitcoin (BTC) as of this writing which equates to $703.08 (£428), which is rather crap right now given that ~$4,800 (~£3,000) was invested in the hardware (a week after ‘the right time’ due to the best stuff being sold-out) and it’s costing $380 (£250) a month to run in electric.

    We jumped in to this at ‘the wrong time’, with ‘the best’ hardware being sold-out (a friend grabbed a couple of the last few cards 2 days before we put our order in), the price of bitcoin going through a correctional period (I knew the price wouldn’t remain above $1,000 without a correction) and what seems to be the world and his grandmother jump on the bandwagon at the same (it gets harder to get the coins, the more people are mining them because the rate of release is set and everyone has to share the coins that are released).

    I’m very much upbeat about this however. The crypto-currencies are gaining a lot of attention with various stores and businesses accepting them as payment AND even going as far as paying their staff in bitcoins. This is a train that’s going somewhere and I’m on it for the ride, not just to (hopefully) make some money (would be nice to have some money for once), but also because it runs quite close to my belief away from a monetary based economy.
    So I’m chuffed at the moment 😀

    Anyway, thought I’d say hi. Don’t know if I’ll be about much again, but now I’m back on Chrome and can log in, I will actually be able to log in and babble.



    HIya Peanut.
    Happy New Year back at ‘ya.

    funny, I’ve been investigating the coin things. Building a basic rig as we speak. on a budget of course and intending to mine one of the other “coins”. Found me a good vid card on Craigslist. made some good deals on Newegg for a motherboard,power supply,ram and cpu. putting together my first comp that can double as a gamer.
    You’d be proud of me. Hope to finish tomorrow and load up Ubuntu.

    Which gives me a thought…what about a Peanutcoin?
    Has a nice ring to it.



    Sup Choppy.

    There’s already a NutCoin 😀

    I’m working on WorldCoins atm, I think they’re going to go somewhere. Tried other coins, but they’re quite risky when the electric bill has to be paid every month and noone knows if the new coins will still be worth anything by that time.

    If you’d like some help, gimme a PM.
    If you got a Radeon Graphics card, I recommend SMOS linux for ease (may wish to remove the donation script after a couple of days though, it switches your rig to their miners for 15 minutes every day as a donation).



    Wow, power must be steep money over there.
    Yep I setup the worldcoin too.
    The vid card is a MSI Radeon 7850 Twin Frozr.
    Seemed like a good midrange card, like you mentioned , some of the better cards have shot up in price and are tough too find.

    got frustrated with Ubuntu and Mint, I have to run it wireless at the store and couldn’t get a driver to work with the Netgear N300 USB adapter. Been been playing with various windows flavors I have.
    might just bring it to the house and wire in the router here.
    Or find an adapter for the video card to hook to the KVM switch in my office.

    I tell you what though this thing is FASTER than this old guy is used too. Nice benefit is I can upgrade processor on the board (it takes all up to latest I think) when I want. Mining as I understand is not processor intensive) so I put my money in PS and vid card. The I got going and couldn’t stop

    MSI 970-G46 MB after 10.00 factory rebate 59.99
    AMD Athlon II x3 Triple core 69.99
    Team Vulcan 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 2133 59.99
    Seasonic Platinum 660 PS,80plus 20.00 fact rebat 79.99
    Thermaltake Armor Reve case after 20 fact rebat 59.99
    Seagate 1 tB sata 3 drive 74.99

    Total on this is around 405.00 No shipping (all but the drive is from Newegg holiday deals) and I had a HP dvd writer SATA I have had around from eBay for like 20 or so (bought it thinking it was iDE)
    The MSI Radeon 7850 Twin Frozr I got off craigslist for 150.

    put it all together and its quiet and fast to me! So I got less than 600 in it.

    So, I know people put together faster rigs, but I had fun and enjoyed doing it. Ms Chop thought I was crazy but she’s used to it.



    That’s a really good little rig you’ve made yourself there, the only fault I can pick is the memory, you have too much and it’s too fast so you overspent a bit probably (2x2GB 1600 would be fine), but it’ll be nice when it becomes your PC.

    The net bit I can see being a problem, wireless and Linux have always had a rough time, it’s not bad these days, but USB wireless, that’s just moving the goal posts!

    I’d recommend getting some powerline adapters for an easy solution, Linux and Ethernet work SO well together.

    N.B. Not saying THAT’S the exact product to get, but that sort of thing. I’ve used TP-Link powerline adapters personally and they did they’re job however I don’t rate TP-Link very highly overall.

    If the shop’s got 3-phase power though, I don’t believe they’ll work.

    Electrons cost $0.24kw/h which @ 2.2kw/h is $12.67 per day.
    It’s actually slightly cheaper here but my place is less secure than it’s current location.



    You planning on running scorched on it? Should run like a dream, get to turn up all the eye candy.





    Thanks for the advice, I’m going to hijack a long cable from wife’s office (forgot I had that one) so I’m solving that. DL’ing SMOS now, they have really slow dl (like 150~160 kb). Going to run it off a stick.

    Better look out Bunny, I dug up a Logitech wireless keyboard /mouse set my son-in-law gave me (I like him giving me stuff he doesn’t want anymore).
    Take this thing home, hook it up to my 55″ with the hdmi cable and I can hammer me some bastages on a screen even I can see. :mrgreen:



    Oh, you’ll be able to see yourself die easier? Okay, whatever floats ya boat.

    SMOS has always had a really crap upload.

    Will take a bit of work to get Scorched running from SMOS though, it’s stripped right back to be solely for mining.



    Won’t it run from a usb stick so I can mine when not scorching?



    @chopper wrote:

    Won’t it run from a usb stick so I can mine when not scorching?

    Indeed it will, but that’s a dangerous path to even think about.
    The odd hour here n there on Scorched could quickly turn into a few hours enjoying the speed of the machine to do other computing stuff and before you know it all you’ve done is buy a weird PC that won’t ever pay for itself.
    That’s why I didn’t resort to having two cards in my machine (was having issues getting all three to run in each rig and they run far hotter as three per rig rather than 2 due to close proximity and limited airflow) as I knew I’d lose an increasing amount of time per week of mining.

    You’re a different guy though, so you might be able to control yourself (although based on evidence taken when hoggers are about you do lack self control :p)



    You mean throwing hammers will make my fans run more?

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