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    @armorwraith wrote:

    A benchmark testing, thats over 300 planes. 🙂


    great. 24 fps. pretty good for a flooded sky.
    Give them a mid-sized death explosion. Start a chain reaction to see if you get halted 😀

    Also.. those are pretty small planes. Fill the sky with huge slow-drifting asteroids.
    See if they still jitter crazy or lag you.
    I still have to find the perfect speeds and distance for mine..



    Note, Moved to current.




    Testing Battleships Defenses 🙂 (there working)




    Small Note for myself:
    [❢]Create “Space Map” Stars + Asteroids, Spaceships

      Added billboard option to target definitions to allow models to be billboarded

    [❢]Create “Moon Map” Realistic moon & craters with space and earth as sun
    [❢]Create “Isle Map” 4 Corner Howitzer Placement-pacific
    [❢]Create “Fountain Map” Custom Fountain With Emitter
    [❢]Add Alternate custom landscape JPG textures for each default -> Branch into more texs
    [❢]Fog Check for Landscapes
    [❢]Add More accessories to Goody Drops
    [❢]Remove Unused Landscape Models/ Utilize Sweeteners
    [❢]Add small animated critters to landscape (Frog, Mice, Deer, Owl) allow to wander
    [❢]Disable Meteor Map Collision -> Lag
    [❢]Check and Redo Existing Textures
    [❢]Test PNG Alpha
    [❢]Add new digger design

    [✔]Redo Landscapes, Final Check and add ‘Seamless’
    [✔]Balance Gold Placing in Gilded Lands
    [✔]Compare AWE Mod Files to Globalmods Directory
    [✔]Re-Color Shields
    [✔]New Shield SoundFX
    [✔]Final Shield Damage Check
    [✔]Add Battle! map
    [✔]Resize Meteor
    [✔]Javelin Rocket sfx + exp shake
    [✔]Tweak & Balance Carpet bombing
    [✔]Beef up Battle ship fire + new sound effect and graphic, more smoke
    [✔]Final Airstrike Damage check
    [✔]Strafing Run-> Airplane strafes land
    [✔]Tree Models

    [✖] Sleep
    [✖] Sub-Launched Missile
    [✖] Test Single Tex Landscapes (more filesize than worth?)
    [✖] Add ABL
    [✖]Attempt to create Helicopter Circle event/Weapon and update existing.
    [✖]Cinder Cannon -> Napalm Fireball-> Give to ships and buyable..
    [✖]Test Target Tank Drop..
    [✖]Add Stonehenge Model Explosion.
    Test Sentry Gun/Turret Capability.

    Add Aerial rocket strike
    Redo MOAB-Cheap Pricing
    Add chute projectile to tank drop.




    I am connecting to the AWE server now, looking forward to checking it out 🙂



    after getting into the AWE server, I am having glitches, I get kicked out of the server client and it goes into the game client to set up a new or online game. It waits till I join, pick a tank, then, I get poofed out.



    I determined that the glitch was on my end, the hotel here is not allowing any upload bandwidth today.



    Just would like to announce that the stats, and ranking system for awe are now live. =D>




    That guy

    First off, thanks for hosting the mod tonight, it was great to see a few players this late, a rarity.
    Second off, I am completely bummed! why you ask? I will tell you….
    When I record I have FRAPS set to a hotkey, sometimes I cannot tell if I remembered to turn it off, well that happened tonight, so when I thought I was filming I was not and VisaVersa, which really sucks because some of the clips I thought I had taken were probably the best clips I have ever filmed in Scorched, I was left with mostly loading screen footage! #-o #-o #-o #-o
    Before when I would film I could tell because gameplay was very laggy after hitting the hotkey, not anymore…… But I think I have a solution, I set the CapsLock as the FRAPS hotkey, so for now on when I capture video, the Capslock LED on my keyboard will be on now, and off when I am not filming, I know I can always record more but some of the captures I would have had can not be duplicated, they were a one time only moment 😡
    anyway….. we will do it again soon and this time I will be ready!
    it is not easy capturing video while playing in realtime, I hate adjusting the view to make my shot because then the recording angle sucks and I miss a lot of action, so I try and line up shots without changing the view angle, which takes away from my game, also if I dont answer back while playing it is because I dont want that to interrupt the video sequence with the text box in the middle.
    Exscuses exscuses…… 🙂
    NEXT TIME, I will not film loading screens!



    Np mate, we can try again tommorow if Cams up for it. He was simply beasting us haha. =D>

    What footage did you think was the best/most memorable? We can try for them again, but of course I wont alter too much in my play style 😛




    would you be interested in these meshes from a project of mine?



    I can make them myself, but hell why reinvent the wheel? How high/low poly are those meshes?




    They are low poly I did them for use in a game that would have hundreds of them on screen at a time! here some some more models of mine!

    Cruise Missile

    Minuteman Silo

    Minuteman-3 ICBM in single mesh form

    Minutman-3 in multistage deployment form and mirv section

    The cards are down on the table and the birds are flying = all launch command centers firing their silo’s under their control at pre selected target countries targets.[attachment=0:1xhfst8o]MinutemanLaunch.jpg[/attachment:1xhfst8o]



    Oops posted the wrong images! here are the larger virsion showning the low poly models in detail.




    And lastly here are some low poly AA units

    first THAAD this is screen of it before it got textured!
    The THAAD unit also has low poly THAAD Radar and low poly THAAD Missile


    S-300 Air defense system low poly

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