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    Hello folks!
    Sorry,I’m away for a while, I’m workin’ on a Wolfenstein 3D add-on, I don’t have time to acquire more of your souls now, but I’d gladly chat about the game,or anything related to the game 🙂
    The topic tells everything: Ask a stupid question,enter a stupid answer!

    I start: Why can you hear a siren when someone dies with the big blue laser-effect?




    there should absolutely be a cool laser / sucking / zap / electricity / vortex / wormhole sound with that effect!! cant wait for it!


    Do you ever find yourself pooping and trying to stop from laughing out loud in a public bathroom after reading something funny written on the back of the stall door?



    Heck,no, I always try to consume my canned beans at lunch, so I have no gas when I go to our squadron’s public bathroom. It’s a real fog in there when all my squadmates turn the hot water on, the poor poop would feel itself lost in the fog and this’ll make it depressed. And I care about my belongings,this intelligence regards to my poops also 🙂

    Why the BOTs sometimes call for their mommy when you shoot’em out?



    A: because they had violent drunken fathers, and all harvest a deep resentment for any male authority figure to this day.

    Q: when a tank is close to death, why does it continue the harmful habit of smoking? you would think cancer was the last thing a terminally ill vehicle would want. -_^



    Answer: Because he wants the cancer to kill him before an opponent do, so he smokes tons of cigarettes quickly, that’s the big smoke. If the cancer kills him, no point to opponent 😛

    How can mounted turret guns move? They have no wheels!

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