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    I’m not against getting admin rights.

    At first i thought i was not online enuf for it to be worth, but i met french rudetalkin kids who made me change my mind 🙂

    PS : other admins : What’s the policy (if one at all) for warning before takin any action against offenders ?



    I think Device that policy is still a work in progress. Until we figure something out I’ve been just judging things as they arise. A sort of common sense and tollerating of what “is expected” of scorched players (we’re not perfect.. we “slip” and say things too).

    IMO Pending on what “violations” are taken, how fast things come about (if a person slowly talks up a problem or jumps in being nasty), and how easy this person is to work with… decides how action should be taken. (see my ID:449 topic for example).

    I agree people in there speakin another language.. nothing against that but – I have no clue if their saying something in private or if their harassing someone.

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