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    Laptops Daddy

    Many people are suffering frame rate problems in v41. And you shouldn’t think there’s nothing you can do about it.

    There are a multitude of graphics driver options beyond those shown on the Scorched settings page. You could possibly double your frame rate without touching Scorched settings, without noticing any real difference in image quality.

    Don’t assume quality/performance trade-off settings will have the effect they’re supposed to. ‘High Quality’ or increased detail options will often give significantly higher frame rates. (e.g. 32bit colour will often outperform 16bit, ‘Large Textures’ will often give higher performance. (Don’t ask me how or why)).

    Example, an ATI card set to Factory Default settings:

    The same card adjusted with ATI Control Center and ATI Tray Tools:

    There are several freely available third party tools capable of unlocking countless additional driver options. (ATI Tray Tools is one, RivaTuner another). Be careful if you use them. Save a profile of your default settings before you change anything (within the tool). Or if you’re familiar with the registry (Windows), use something like RegShot to monitor changes.

    Be aware that any changed settings could cause the game to crash, or even the PC itself.

    One last note, many driver options seem to work in synergy. It’s not always enough to enable/disable one at a time. And don’t exclude compatibility options, even if it’s not their intended purpose.

    e.g. Nvidia’s “Extension Limit” turned on in the Nvidia Control Panel:

    For comparison, “No GL Shaders” turned on in Scorched settings:

    “No GL Extensions” turned on in Scorched settings:

    Hope it helps.

    I should probably emphasise, I’m not a Scorched insider. (Just a concerned Scorched citizen : ). I know very little (if anything) about the internals of the game.

    (I write this stuff because I like to feel useful. This game’s given me a lot.)


    Laptops Daddy

    BUMP ^ updated for dbal



    I turned the extension limit on in the nvidia control panel and it slowed the game down to a crawl….I’ll try it again when i get some time and post some screen shots.



    I would just like to add something to this. For everyone who wants shader water but also wants an FPS increase, turn on “Draw simplistic water”. It keeps all the effects but turns off all the waves (the water still moves though).

    This gave me a +10 FPS increase.

    It allows the game to be playable and still be pretty.

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