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    Is there anyone else on these forums that has a problem with Oblivion hanging every now and then using an 8800GT?

    I’ve tried multiple drivers and all seem to cause this.


    The AI

    What mods, version, patch version, operating system, mod load order, bashed patch, in game settings?

    Looks like we have another oblivious among us, want the list?



    Patched with the last version plus I have the latest unofficial oblivion patches, all of the official expansions and all of the official addons plus one unofficial addon (inebriation mod).

    All the highest settings (used HDR instead of AA)

    Windows XP SP3.

    It used to not freeze back when I had my ATI card but after installing my 8800gt, it does.

    I suppose I can try turning some of the mods off and seeing what it does.



    Hey DeathDude…..Go here my friend. They can help you out more than likely. & No offense meant when I spoke of pillaging yur PC in another thread. 😉

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