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    I was browsing the internet when I found this:

    It’s a new remake of Scorched Earth. (Their first news item was posted May 1st.) It’s a more modern 2D version called Charred Dirt. It’s still in its early development stages. I haven’t downloaded it yet cause it’s 37 megs. Anyway, just wanted to make this known. If anyone tries it out, post here and tell us what it’s like.



    Cough, cough. its already on the links page 🙂

    The guy was on the fourms a few months ago asking for a link.

    Not tried it but it looks like nice graphics.



    Lol, oh. I never check the Links page. I guess that is why I was unaware of it.



    I finally got around to downloading it. It’s worth the 37 meg download I must say. There are A LOT of fresh ideas in this game including interactive environments (volcano and dam just to name a few.) and loads of new weapons. They also have music in it. Some of the effects are kinda nice too. For an early version quite a bit has been accomplished in it. My main gripes are the fact that there are limited options, the talk messages last too long (can be turned off), and the menus are kinda awkward at times. But overall, a really good game. 9.0/10

    Note: They are still having trouble with servers for multi right now so take that into acount before d/l it.

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