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    I bet you guys are tired of hearing of these posts, but there seems to be a new clone out now. It’s called “Turret Wars” (how original). It’s for both Mac OS and Windows. It costs $19.95 for the full version but there’s a demo available. Kind’ve makes you wonder with all these clones charging money what the monetary value of Scorched 3D is.

    To be completely honest, this game looks like a stripped-down version of Scorched 3D. lol.

    Turret Wars Site



    No, not tired. It provides excellent comic relief. I’m still downloading the demo on this one but from the screen shots I can see where you have this “stripped version of s3d” theory.

    I’ll tell ya what – I play WoW a lot recently .. and that game is $15 a month.

    If I had to pay for Scorched.. let’s just say $5.00 a month over the past, what 4 years? that would be around $240. *I’d still be a hardcore player if I was paying*

    .. $240…I’d do it.



    Have you met Rob in WoW yet, Willis?



    I tried Turret Wars – it took 3 tries to beat the demo level. Looks OK, but it’s missing network play, different weapons and massive explosions.

    Scorched3D is much better – it has all the features I mentioned above and it’s free!

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