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    Because of the new Tournaments section, to formally sign up for the Tournament, click at top on Tournaments Then click on “Qualification”. At bottom of the page click “Join Tournament” button to get on the member list.

    I am the moderator and I will approve you to join as soon as I can. I will check it fequently, just about anyone will be ok to join, some experience is required, if I dont know who you are and your rank is not shown in your profile, I will send you a message

    I dont yet know how exacly how signing up will be tied to the tournament server, but Gavin has a master plan to upgrade and all that.

    Old sign up was at this post, where at least 12 people showed sincere interest in playing. Thanks again to those players and Thanks to DireWolf for starting the Dialogue on this.




    it looks like there could be more tournaments:)
    I am waiting 4 that 1 now:)

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