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    I have temporarily stickied this topic from the past since it is still linked up in the help section. Please comment as to the usefulness of this guide so I can improve it.

    I recently recieved a PM from a newish player that didn’t recieve much help from this aiming guide. Originally this guide was sort of a quick draft of some of the ways I personally teach aiming, as well as a way of finding out the answer to the old sight and new sight question which was polled.

    Some players thought it helped a lot, others not so much. Here are the results of the original poll.

    Do you still use the "old sight position" for aiming?

    YES 19% [ 9 ]
    NO 53% [ 25 ]
    I didn’t know it was an option 27% [ 13 ]

    Total votes : 47


    Exiled One

    Sup BOY,

    Read your aiming guide and skipped through people’s useless confusing comments….I have a really good idea. Put pictures under each explanation that would explain people what you mean when you say something.

    The old sight and the new sight never found a difference in them. I just want to see ahead of me and I want to know the distance on the little map. My instinct tell me a lucky # and boom I press space bar and the showdown begins. You dont need sights for success….you need that lucky # that is hiding somewhere in the game to get your opponent.

    Last thing, the laser guide about where to shoot. That part doesnt help much just to let to you know. If you shoot laser, if it went over your head make sure you decrease it by 3, 5 or 7 degrees. What you talk about in your laser guide, its too much and too wordy.

    My method, I use patterns, it does the trick. I doubt my pattern, I loose a turn killing my opponent or dying that turn.

    I use things like 100, 370, 400, 630, 700 power for distance. You see my pattern. I use ?00s and the ?30’s and ?70’s this works very well. You just have to guess the right # and then the game begins or ends that turn for you.

    Whatever, people will be confused just by reading my patterns. If it helps someone just let me know, it would make me smile for minute or two.


    see ya




    Thanks for the reply. Yes many players have many different methods that work for them and I think I will add a section that explains how to choose a method that works for each individual.

    The idea to include pictures is a good one. I will try to do that.




    Still says Docs tho……….



    The guide was extremely helpful to me looking back now. I went into it thinking I was the student since i had only been playing for about a month, if that. I switched to old sight and took all of the advice and it changed my game completely. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I went from a bottom feeder to competative. It made me like the game more and had me playing more. I improved %100 in like a week.

    But I was willing to change my perspective. As a new player I assumed the person that wrote this guide spoke from experience. I did not cling to my old habits.

    When a new player enters this world he makes many mistakes. Any new player that reads the guide I see improving dramatically over a short period of time. But again, I can only speak for myself.



    You’re right DB, old sight helped me a lot too…especially sniping.



    the best dang aiming guide there is is well, just plain ole experiance! practice makes perfect! happy hunting!

    MODS ROCK!!!




    @boy wrote:

    3. 45 degree angle will shoot farthest for a given power with no wind.

    Not quite right. 45 degree aim will shoot farthest, with no wind, on level ground.

    The more complete rule for optimal distance angle is: 45 degrees +/- half of the line of sight angle to the target, lower when firing into a headwind, higher when firing with a tailwind (exact calculation would require numerical values for wind force and gravity).



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