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    This is outrageous! I have to complain!

    Yesterday night, playing on MCB server with Vitos and alfin.

    It was round 7 beginning when (Ai) Ted fired his shot and killed me! First shot kill, and it was not an easy shot! By the guy whom I haven’t yet seen even hitting anyone, and I’m ranked 6 there already – that does say of my experience and gives me enough rights to judge his skills!

    No doubt he cheated with that shot! So I started asking him, how did he manage to kill me first shot. He coudnt explain! He was keeping silence in the most impudent and provoking manner!

    Then I said to him: “Tell me you aren’t calling me a #$@%!”. And again he said nothing! So he called me a #$@%! Thats a rude insult!

    Shameless cheating, impudent misbehavior, and filthy insults! I believe just one of these points is enough to get banned! And I have witnesses of all that! I insist he should be banned immediately!



    First let me say that I thought that was quite funny!

    Now that we got that out of the way, let me inform you that the player and server complaints forum is NOT the proper venue for comedy. This forum should be reserved for serious complaints, so please refrain from starting joke threads in here in the future.

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