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    The AI in v30 is a tiny bit screwed up… Even when the computers are shark AI, sometimes when they are really close to hitting the target, they will stop there, and keep firing at the same ground near (not on) the person for like 5 or 10 minutes. I would think they would after just one shot, they would figure out they need to adjust their aim/power. It might possibly be that the computers arn’t taking wind into consideration, but I think I’ve had it happen alot on no wind situations too.



    Yeah I noticed this myself .

    It should not happen when there is no wind. It is caused by the algorithm that the AI uses to make shot choices. I decided to not let the AI have any advantage over the human in terms of knowledge.
    So the good AIs have to make an educated guess on the original distance and direction. This is different depending on the wind as the more time the shot is in the air the more the wind will affect it. After making each shot the AI uses the final position as the shot to refine the next shot. It looks like this refining process sometimes gets screwed up .
    When there is no wind the angle can be calculated exactly (just as with the human players), its just the distance that needs refined (using a weighted chop).

    Anyhow, I will look into when I get time. Thanks for the reminder.

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