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    Mcb Lover

    @bigbear wrote:

    Apparently unmute has to be done online. Legion, ask an admin to do it the next time u see one on the servers.

    Ud give up very quick BB 🙂



    I didn’t formulate that very well so you must have misunderstood Vitos. What are you talking about?


    Mcb Lover

    All this words from legion costs ONLY 2 week of muting?! 😯



    @Mcb Lover wrote:

    All this words from legion costs ONLY 2 week of muting?! 😯

    Ah so that’s what you meant. Well … yes.



    Can we just drop the whole thing already?
    I have hopefully learned to shut my trap and stop bitching because of a few reasons I wont mention, but suffice it to say this dead horse has been beaten to a pulp and this crap has got to stop.
    So please if you see me just know that all I want is to play a good FUN game.
    I don’t expect to win and never will ,I only want to be competitive and enjoy getting involved in a great game–win or lose.
    So can we just try to get over my overreactions to things I didn’t fully understand and just being non-computer savvy and yes,even just a dumbass sometimes.I am 100% Irish and do act a bit hot tempered at times.
    But this has gotten waaaaaaayyyyyyyyy to dramatic for a bleepin game.
    So lets just play and all quit being such buttheads about it.
    p.s. Pnut don’t even think about commenting and we can end this ….lol joking



    I was thinking more and more while reading that how tough those things are to say and how it will hopefully be possible to let bygones be themselves and move on.
    Then I get a joke all too myself. So you can be a sweetie 🙂

    Well, Can I be the first to say Legion, we’ve all said harsh things, lets shake hands (virtually) and try to be adults and enjoy killing eachother?



    Hi Legion:

    I’ll try not to be too long winded this time. 😉

    Your latest post will remain one of my favorites, always. It shows a considerable amount of thought, made some very good points and blended in an appropriate amount of humor to try and diffuse the hostility. After all that’s been said recently, I found it very impressive. Good Job!!! Oh yeah, before I go, thanks for the kind words earlier.





    OMG……..Rommel was brief!
    Holy Sheet! 😆
    Legion…..everybody gets kinda torqued sometimes….but yer right. Its a game and every ones a new one. Change up is sometimes fun…..try it. Buy different stuff and keep them guessing.

    Known and respected you a long time.

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