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    Laptops Daddy

    @legion wrote:

    How long have you been playing? How come you’re not a top 10 player??
    Is it because you just aren’t that skilled of a player,or not spending enough time online playing to compete?

    I don’t think stats work like that.

    I think you just have to accept that some people have a greater aptitude for this kind of thing.

    Some of us wouldn’t match the best players in a thousand hours. Others would dominate after minutes. Just the way the World works.

    I’m not defending whoever you’re talking about. I do think you’ve proved, Legion, more than once, that you’re not qualified in spotting cheaters.

    Very few would know aimbot from practiced square counting. I don’t see a difference.



    chastise-โ€“verb (used with object), -tised, -tisยทing.
    1. to discipline, esp. by corporal punishment.
    2. to criticize severely.
    3. Archaic. to restrain; chasten.
    4. Archaic. to refine; purify.

    Looking at the definition of chastise we can rule out that i`m chastising you in the sense of no1 i cant inflict any corporal punishment as i probably live on the other side of the globe,and if i could i wouldnt- its something i dont believe in.
    no3 is someting i dont have anyway of doing either- this is the domain of the admins as you have expierienced.
    no4 is something i may hope you do to yourself as rational thinking people usually try to improve themselves.
    That leaves no2, i dont think i criticised you severely -possibly slightly in my first post

    Its nice to see legion has found its rational self again and will behave in a way that honours himself.

    It was my ironic way of saying that you are overreacting.
    The second post
    Dear legion,

    I know that in your heart you are decent person, but your temperament is too much for a lot of players.If you keep insulting people and SHOUTING at them they stop listening to the part of you thats rational.
    so please,do everyone and most of all youself a favour and tone it down a bit, i mean youre muted at the moment it could get worse if you refuse or are incapable to behave, thats not what i think must happen ,thats how reality works.

    highest regards,bazzz

    I can see how you might think its critisism, as i point out that you have a strong temperament and i suggest it would be better if you relax a little.
    If i somehow offended you that way-think about the people who you critisise and call names.
    I`m merely predicting the future-if you continue to behave badly people will treat you badly and not listen to a thing you have to say, i mean if i gave someone the most valuable advice i could give and then call him stupid it would be unlikely that information would stick.
    thats enough chastising for today(i`m being ironical) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I promise i will carefully read you next post and comment on it in a low-chastising manner as long as you dont call anyone names-thats the moment i tune out

    Highest regards-bazzz



    I have been playing since septemer i think, I have played rommels apoc mod 3 or 4 hours a day and after 3 weeks i could keep up with the top players.Then apoc champions disappeared and i stopped playing until v 41 Then i played thrax merge mod for 4 or 5 weeks getting to rank 1 for one day(i had to play at least 5 hours a day to get up to princey) then i lost interest, at the moment i play sometimes in main and i usually keep up, but i prefer mods- they change a lot and its a challenge to adapt to the changes.Too bad not too many people play them.
    The main thing to get a high rating is to play as much as possible when noone is on so you can just target practice on bots and occasional players.
    You probably get 3 times the kills compared to when there are “pros” in the room.
    The statistics give a distorted view of who is the better player, it merely indicates who plays most.
    Its almost impossible to get any hard evidence from statistics only suspicion, imo they are unneccesary but i dont suggest or to get any support for them to be removed.It would be nice to see a better representation of the quality of players tough.imo someone who plays only 2 hours a week never gets to the top ten.



    Hi Legion:

    Your request is nearly the same as this request, which I made several months ago.
    @legion wrote:

    Also,can anybody please explain (in layman’s terms)how the aimbot works,just so I will have a better understanding of it. I would very much appreciate that,if you wouldn’t mind.

    My request wasn’t completly fulfilled but you may find that the answers given are sufficient to at least contemplate changing your play style.

    The hack is not much of a threat if you think about what you have been seeing recently and are willing to use all the tools provided by the game to prevent it from being quite so effective.

    This just occured to me and I think it is strange enough to mention. My utilization of ALL of the in game items seems to be much more upsetting to a great many people than the hack has ever been. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    Think about it,




    Hi Legion,

    Remember me? I’m the guy you accused of using an aimbot on Main. I’m also walking proof that you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Your “evidence of cheating” consists solely of “I’ve never seen this guy and he’s better than me, so he must be cheating”. To illustrate this, I only have to answer these two questions:

    @legion wrote:

    How long have you been playing? How come you’re not a top 10 player??

    I’ve been playing this game for two years. I’m not a top 10 player (as in rank below 10) because I don’t spend much time on the servers any more.

    Maybe you could invest some time making sure you’re not making a fool out of yourself next time you decide to cry “cheater”.


    Mcb Lover

    @laptops Daddy wrote:

    Very few would know aimbot from practiced square counting. I don’t see a difference.

    Not smart usually from you about grid….as for example: now im play better without grid, course “i see it”. It need to feel shots but not cry about someone just better then you. Learning, learning and learning (Vladimir Il’ich Lenin).






    Also don’t forget smurfing. Some veteran players like to start a new account just for a few games while saving their old account for later use.

    So every once in awile you’ll see a player ranked 700 with 1 connect and he has 18 kills in the 8th round.



    I’m afraid this whole aimbot/cheat thing has opened up a HUGE can of worms. I’m sure there are the wrongly accused as well as those that maybe used it and got by…….

    What I DO know is it has created some ill will and bad tempers among many of the players which kinda defeats the purpose of the game. Have fun,socialize and get to talk with people all over the world. (Did I mention drinking?) ๐Ÿ™‚

    For instance para ,who I remember when he joined up and was just learning is tangling with legion who I also remember and respect…..Hell ,I was a to,p ten before… I feel the need ? nah….I play more for fun and the comradery…others apparently don’t have a day job and can spend lotsa time and building stats. Power to them. Now impress me and do somethin’ constructive with your life…. ๐Ÿ˜†

    Comon’ Boys and Girls have fun.



    Dear Players:

    If you are pressed for time please skip this post.

    @thrax wrote:

    If you must know, i’ll describe them as basically as possibly..

    The v40.1 exe hack included the option to preview the shot with a
    imaginary tracer line before you shot, making pin-point hits wherever
    you chose.. it is now OBSOLETE, and cannot be used on any current
    servers. So forget it exists for all intents and purposes..

    The statement above although true requires clarification of a critical point.

    The hacked core that was written and compiled for version 40.1 became obsolete when we stopped publicly using that version. However, anyone with the knowledge and the inclination can write, compile and use a hacked core with any version that does not detect hacked cores. There is currently no positive means to detect hacked cores and anyone with an interest knows this.

    Feeling that a false sense of security is not beneficial to the honest players I have remained vigilant in my attempts to ensure that this information is not misconstrued. However, I do not expect nor should you, that I will continue this endevor much longer. Therefore, I encourage everyone to read the release notes that accompany all releases. There you will find an official declaration that hacked cores have been temporairily prevented if this dream should ever become reality.

    So, you can either follow the advise that Thax offered and try to forget that the aimbot hack ever existed or, lacking any better ideas, you can try my idea instead.

    A better solution for me and my advise to all of you is to stop concerning yourselves with who is using what and why. Simply considering suspicous players as Apoc-X super bots and playing them accordingly (without emotion) has made a surprising difference in my ability to remain focused. This has greatly lowered my frustration level and has allowed me enough peace of mind to concentrate on developing honest methods to be competitive. In spite of the daunting challanges presented one such tactic that I’ve been having some sucess with is the proper utilization of dirt.

    @thrax wrote:

    The second program that was distributed by the same person, is an external tool that displays only a list of numbers. Using ONLY 45degree shots, and not accounting for wind, gravity, or any other of the game’s variables.. , it displays Only the power and direction needed to hit a player. This cheat is badly built, hard to install, and for the most part, is completely useless for any effective use.

    Other than those, there are only people like pam/raven/roflmao, that
    hacked thier own source to add in some form of auto-targetting
    enhancement. Very few have the knowlege of coding to attempt this,
    and even fewer have the desire.

    Although I’m not sure of the actual number, I suspect that the current count of people with enough knowledge of C and C++ to hack the core would be in excess of 1,000 from my university alone. There are also a multitude of people with the ability to do this sort of thing with little or no formal training. Therefore, although I disagree that few can, I agree that very few would waste their talents hacking an open source game when much more enticing targets are available.

    However, it only takes one properly motivated person, to cause a ruckus and we have at least one person that seems properly motivated and quite possibly more. Who they are, what they hope to gain, have they released a new version and all the other questions that once concerned me, I have happily turned over to the developers.

    @thrax wrote:

    There are likely no more people actually ‘cheating’ in s3d, than there are
    people who play standing on thier head, whistling the national anthem,
    and getting a pedicure by martians..
    There are only players that play often enough to know the distances,
    power-levels, and variables to the point of aiming accurately with hardly
    a second thought..

    Not having acess to the same information that Thrax used to postulate his assumption, I will neither agree or disagree on the likelyhood that Martians have had to stoop to giving pedicures.

    However, being confident that the proof is in the pudding, I am content leaving you to draw your own conclusions and develop adequate solutions.

    I must go do some Scorching now. Tally Ho !




    pastor of muppets

    There are likely no more people actually ‘cheating’ in s3d, than there are
    people who play standing on thier head, whistling the national anthem,
    and getting a pedicure by martians..

    If this is cheating then I apologize



    I find it hard to believe that I have been away for a month or two and legion is still moaning every time someone gets a nice shot and has not been banned from these Forums and/or banned from the game.

    Cheats are scum, but that little girl is far more annoying.

    Please get rid!



    Peanut you are such a big man
    I would LOVE for you to say that to my face
    because then you would be busy picking your teeth up off the floor
    By the way peanut do you ever do anything besides kiss Admin’s asses and spout lame insults at others just to make yourself feel like a real man?



    Alright, that is enough guys.
    This topic is going worse and worse.
    I don’t wanna lock it because till 2 posts ago is was good debate.
    Thanks, PR, for heating Legion up again. Admins are doing what needed.
    Legion: I thought u lern a thing or 2 about how to behave here.
    I think u deserve a warn after all those times.



    Looks like legion has a shield that blocks all critisism, maybe he should trade it for a shield that keeps the rage from getting out. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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