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    Laptops Daddy

    @rommel wrote:

    P.S. You sure sound like Laptop’s Daddy to me.

    how dare! (i think)

    big bears swedish

    youre the one who sounds like laptops daddy



    Why was this thread unlocked?



    It appeared to me that Big Bear wanted to challange me to produce the evidence. Then when I did, he got huffy.

    Oh my, it’s a terribly blustery day!
    Silly old bear.



    @deathbal wrote:

    Why was this thread unlocked?

    The reason for locking it was that the information Romm was hinting at was not available. As it became available yet again I thought that the accuasations made deserved some attention. The outcome as it turned out was not a surprise, but just ignoring the thread seemed like bad form. At this point there is not really much to add though, so *** Topic locked ***.

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