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    @leilei wrote:

    i had a soap box?

    and this is all over the word ‘crap’, being my random unsorted stuff folder on the web server, taken as a ‘big threatening insult’ to scorched3d?

    Wow. Manipulative.

    Get over it. You’re embarassing yourselves.

    Why does this topic even exist still?

    well, the problems you have stated are being looked at and taken care of, so what is the point of hanging around? would u like an itemized list of the changes? if that is the case then just let us know! you made your point here, so unless you have more things to point out maybe you should think about moving on. unless you like people not liking you.
    atleast if you are going to hang around you could play!
    if not than it seems you are here to start trouble!

    and you speak of DUMB developers?
    you chose the Q3 engine for a game!!!! how lame is that?



    @leilei wrote:

    I just simply won’t contribute Free assets to scorched anymore. Live with nice GPL violations, then. Goodbye

    Errr… What exactly did you contribute besides complaints?



    So I guess you noticed the “crap” directory name, but failed to notice that it was part of a link to self-made free explosion textures?



    @parasti wrote:

    So I guess you noticed the “crap” directory name, but failed to notice that it was part of a link to self-made free explosion textures?

    no, what I notice is the aggressive persistance of these peoples threats..
    wich was leading me more & more to beleive this was clearly
    aimed at targeting scorched3d and possibly attempting to have
    scorched3d removed from openGL license @ sourceforge.

    Perhaps, you are confused in thinking that Perhaps,
    eliminating yet another ratings competition game
    will for some reason raise the statistics, downloads, players,
    popularity, and public recognition..

    and in relative terms.. agenda for your ..aaah..aaaah
    ((Chew*crappy*wwwW)) game. .. excuse me.

    Scorched3D maintains its well deserved, Respected, hard earned, popularity, and recognition that over time has grown into a truely fantastic open source game & above all else, fun to be with &, friendly public community.

    without the need to play dirty.

    and now that all forms of the possibly miniscuel so called infringements
    have properly been addressed due to many developers teamwork

    I am biding you and, your friends a kind & generous farewell..

    thank you for pointing out the problems
    that are now officialy resolved.

    And please, dont forget your complementary I <3 Scorched3D
    shirt & button on your way out!

    I shaved the pin myself to make it eXtra shaRp. *ting*

    Have a nice day 🙂 *grin*



    It appears that Gavin took the suggestions of leilei fixed whatever it was that was the problem and all is good now.

    So move along now nothing to see. I said move nothing to see here.



    I want a Scorched 3D t-shirt and button.



    @deathstryker wrote:

    I want a Scorched 3D t-shirt and button.

    then here your go!! made it just for you!!

    hmm.. wonder why no1 has executed on adding a memorabelia
    section to the forum.. could be a really good way to raise much needed
    developement funds besides paypal and you would get something
    besides the game itself.

    and the t-shirts, pin, buttons, & hats could pay for themselves
    subtracted from the suggested price the cost for shipping etc..
    anything left over goes towards a great cause. 😀

    spose all we would need is another chopper style fund raising
    event to collect starting costs..

    I would buy them all !!

    .. seriously.



    I’m having a ton of trouble thinking of how to word this post. Several times I’ve thought “just don’t reply”, but I feel I must. Here I go, carefully, that is…..

    Lei: Your concerns about copyright infringement are both taken seriously and appreciated. I don’t recall in detail the whole sordid history of how things got so sour, nor do I care to. My impression is that perhaps you didn’t go about it in the nicest way (and no, I don’t agree that it “should” have been done in private, that is one way it could have been done, sure, but it’s an open game and as such posting things publicly is perfectly alright with me, personally.), or that there was some reaction that caused things to go sour. As I said, I really don’t care which, I just want things to be right, and to be nice.

    The explosion textures you mentioned were added so long ago, and it’s not documented where they came from, I can not say that I can be 100% of them. While I feel that they, in all reasonable likelyhood, were fine, I do not really know, so not long after hearing about it I started working on new ones, but Gavin made new ones before I finished! Either way, that issue is settled. If you are right about them, thank you. If you were wrong, well, we got some new explosion textures, and some change is good. 😉

    You had mentioned sounds at one point, I think in the bug report (forgive me, I’m just back from vacation and trying to get caught up on things); as I recall, no file in particular was mentioned – if there’s reason to believe that there’s a licensing issue with any particular file, please let me know (not in this thread… it has gone on long enough 😉 )

    DS: I’m sorry you posted this too – not because you made the post, but rather because of the reaction that came from it.

    All: I just came back from vacation, and, well, this thread is terrible.

    I apologize if I cause more posts in this thread.




    I felt liek I shouldn’t get involved with this as well.

    But ended up getting involved.

    You know what people.

    I have had it with all this discussion on someone who has worked thier ass off making a game which would allow people who have always wanted to play Quake 3 be able to play it!

    Sure this person has done some things that alot of us don’t like but I mean c’mon!

    How is this discussion going to help anything!

    Instead of making an entire topic on how 1 single person behaves why won’t someone just send them a message politely telling them to stop whatever they are doing?

    I hate seeing people get singled out and being made fun of and being talked about like this!

    How is that gonna make this person wanna listen to you?!!

    Stop bullying them around and trying to use ranting to fix this!

    Scorched 3D community is not going to be a thing where people argue and fight over ridicules things like this but a place where people get along and help each other out and don’t you people plan to have it stay that way?

    Now enough already!

    Someone lock this topic please!



    @~FREAK~ wrote:

    Scorched 3D community is not going to be a thing where people argue and fight over ridicules things like this…

    Thinking back on all the situations we’ve had over the years, this made me laugh and I am so damn close to sigging this.


    Metal Slug Mario

    Hm..i say settle it over a beer and call it a day seem simple enough?



    @~FREAK~ wrote:

    Scorched 3D community is not going to be a thing where people argue and fight over ridicules things…

    I want to reply to this so bad but cant think of any-thing witty to say.
    Some body help me out help me out. 🙂 🙂

    Metal Slug Mario beer did you say beer!!! 😀 😀

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