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    I hate to say it but as this game gets more popular you will find more unruly players in the server, I have played many online games and it can get really tough when it comes to rude players, i was a lil rude when coming here myself honestly, this sorta thing can rub off on a person after awhile.
    as you may have noticed lately, I hope this does not end up like so many other games that are good, where it is just no fun because of players that lack respect for anyone…
    Scorched 3D strikes me as a gentlemens game, kinda like chess, you kill each other then shake hands after, I do believe it would be a good idea to start dealing with it in someway.
    I was wondering if a temporary IP ban would be too complicated after too many warnings, like maybe a week? I dont really know how this sorta thing works but I thought I would suggest it anyway. ❓



    I just wanted to say that I’ve been playing more the past couple of days, and things have been fine! A bit much on the swearing last night, but it was all in fun, so no biggie.

    Cheers all! 🙂


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