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    Compiled well.
    Crashes after choosing to start a game (any)
    Says: something about a Assert in LadscapeObjects.cpp, line 33.
    Commented out that line. The game starts and camers begins to move. The window notifies that we need 1 more player. When I press ok, it crashes and says:

    SGSGSGSGSGSGSGSGSGSGSGSGSGSGSGSGSGSGSGSGMS File : Failed to load MS file “data/tanks/bm13/bm13-2.txt”
    MS File : Failed to load MS file “data/tanks/bradley2/bradley2.txt”
    Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)

    those files are in place! whats the problem then?



    I take it you have compiled from the Unix source.
    Have you done a make install yet?

    The default unix binary has the installation path encoded into it at compile time. To run the game perform a make install, and then run scorched from /usr/local/games/scorched3d. Or change the install dir using configure –prefix.



    This may also be related to the non-english LANG setting problem i discussed in the FreeBSD topic.

    Do you have LANG set ? If so, try to run the game using the command LANG=”” scorched3d from a terminal window, and see if that helps.



    Yeah you are correct, failed to notice that point in your last message. I changed LC_NUMERIC under my solaris box and it crashes in the same place!

    I am going to put a setlocale(LC_ALL, “C”) into the main, unless you think that will cause problems.



    or should that be a setlocale(LC_ALL, “”) ??



    If i understand what the man page for setlocale() says, setlocale(LC_ALL, “C”) would not change the default behaviour ?

    Reckon i have no idea on how to fix that problem on the code side 🙂



    Yeah the man page is a bit difficult to understand.

    I tried setlocale(LC_ALL, “”) and it did not work, just left it the same.
    However setlocale(LC_ALL, “C”) does work (for me at least) and I have put that into scorched and into CVS.

    I forget how long sourceforge takes to update its public CVS, but it will be available soon.



    Cool, its stuff like that that I would never find. Since I don’t change my language very often :).

    Thanks for all the help device.
    I am also in the process of applying your BSD patch so it should be in CVS soon.



    The LANG issue helped, thank you!
    1) why should it be clued to “/usr/local/games”? If I install it to another dir it wont work?
    2) the sound is a bit later then the action =( what’s the problem can be?



    My pleasure .

    Question on windows building : i plan on building my own windows scorched3d exec. from CVS too.
    Any reason MSVC 6 could not be used to build it (i don’t have access to a MSVC .NET currently) ? Anyone tried it already ?

    Apologises for the topic hijackin’ 😳



    The project started off life as a visualc 6 project so it should build fine.
    The only problem you may have is some of the included libraries have been built using .net, but I don’t think that will be a problem.

    Let me know if you have any issues.

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