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    Just thought I would try & throw a constructive question out there..

    why is it that there are no scorched3D T-Shirts in stores?
    I have looked everywhere..

    I am sure there are many people out there who would like to purchase
    for keep sakes memorobelia for supporting a good cause.

    we tend to forget sometimes the effort that makes this all possible,
    and for those who have in the past contributed might like to re show
    their support and be able to take home some goodies @ the same time.

    so why isn’t there scorched3d keychains, magnets, buttons, hats, T-shirts
    and other helpful much needed fund raising goodies?

    I figure costs would pay for themselves +30-50% profits included in the
    suggested prices of each item and anything left over goes to the cause?

    only real thing stoping this from actualy happening is a proper sales
    management volunteer and a nice chopper styled fund raiser to gather
    the startup costs for such a venture.

    A far better way then paypal in my opinion because you can make
    more and take home keepsakes to wear or put up on your wall.

    Thrax had said some of this was mentioned before but couldnt seem
    to find the posting.

    anyways, I would imagine the section of the forum looking something
    like this guys simple setup .. with no multiple pages to get lost in
    when searching for items.


    I wouldnt mind buying a few of these.. and one for grandma too!
    and at the same time a good way for advertising the game.



    Well now that you mentioned it……….
    take a look at this!


    KTM Rider

    Ooh, I like the idea. I’ve always liked collecting t-shirts to things, as long as they look nice. And aren’t white…..

    One thing lots of the Enduro Races do is put the season standings on the back of their shirts. If Shirt sales actually caught on, it would be neat to see a different design per season with the top 10 players on it.

    Heck, even ignoring all that, just the design in your pic would be spectacular!

    Although how would this issue of international sales be handled? That could get expensive, and add hassle.

    Posters would be neat, also…..



    going to add this as picture storage for user signatures..

    I see These tiny ad banner types all over the net.. figured I would
    be the first to try and make a halfway decent one for us to use.

    if anyone gets time and wish to make more varients that would be nice.

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