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    How about we drop this entire discussion for a while?

    Honestly it seems that we the upper class players have been the primary force that is keeping the discussion going.

    Gavin is finally back so something COULD be done. But in the meantime I seem to see a weakening in the force pushing for something.

    I still feel personally that the ‘beginner’ server is intended as it is named. Vetern players should not be attending for lack of players elsewhere.

    If anything was done the soonest I’d suggest we even consider is on the reset next Sunday. But for now what if we just relax for a bit? As far as I know our patience could only last for a few days, or maybe a month. But unless we get some complaints…..



    One little idea…

    Maybe we should make beginners server ONLY for beginners – f.e. max 100 kills limit on beginners and NO entry limit on main…

    This way new people can learn some basic rules on beginners and true life learning is done on main, with pros. Moreover we don’t push noobs on beginners – if they want, they can take fast and probably hard route strainght to main.

    P.S. It wasn’t problem for me to play with pros when i joined scorched world – actually it was very didactic to observe their tactics, and… being killed often (oh.. i’m still being killed all the time, any difference is that now i can take few more tanks with me 😉 )



    that is so such a radical idea, i just might be able to endorse it! 😯

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