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    For some thime now I have been seen (not just me) ppl that their rank is quite high in the beginner server(and good enough for main) just keep coming there and almost never seen them on the main one. Like half of them usauly kets 20 kills+ for a game. It’s aslmots like abusing. I know there are few pro’s that goes to the beginners and help them and not kickin their a****.

    I know few of them doing it because there are always more players in the beginners then in the main1. Thats because of the 4 bots…..

    Some of the admins been thinking that there should be a maximum kills limit for the beginnners server. That way those players won’t be able to get the easy kills and wins.

    what do u all think about this?

    I know there are some ppl that just don’t feel that they are ready for the main server. I’m not talking about them. I talking about ppl that ranked 80 to 10 in the beginners.
    Admis are there only to keep the game “clean” and help.




    not many who seem to like it 🙂

    a limit of some kind might be nice, but we dont want to discourage people from playing, i think we should invite the high ranking guys to play on main, if they dont want to, we should set a limit of maybe as high as 1000 kills or something.



    i honestly dont think its a good idea.

    i like going to beginners server to help and to play. Especially in my time zone, very often nobody is playing on ‘pro’ server and i dont have the time to just sit and wait until somebody joins. i want to have fun playing.
    i am sure other players think just like that, at least i hope.

    in a discussion with a player, i believe u were there apache, the player even said, he wished some ‘pros’ would be there to land a helping hand and give a view good hints. we should all do that.



    yes, i think maybe you are right. But are there any pro players that go and pick on the noobs and kill them off getting cheap wins maybe too much? maybe there is not.



    Some of us suggest this before the servers were put into position…. and it was brought up a few weeks ago and the idea resurfaced..

    I’m for it – 1,000 is too high because only a small margin reach that scale… I’m still suggestive of 200 because 200 is not hard at all to get for a pro, especially with the bots.

    Admins – remember my topic in private of pro vs beginner? The test I did got my 50 kills for the pro server within 2 hours of time.



    Well I’m one of the beginners that gets killed constantly by people with rank < 65 and its not fun anymore. These people have 20+ kills in every game and the others don't have any chance. So please put in a maximum kill limit for the beginners server.

    @mandy: Its nice that you answer questions but you still kill anyone without them having a chance. And if there was a limit on the beginners server I think more people would be in the “pro” server.



    brutha and this is not true !!!
    Yes i do answer lots of questions on a daily base, but i dont kill off noobs all the time. Mostly i pick the once i know are not noobs and when i notice they are new i even change targets. So whats ur point???
    …. and hell yes i kill tooo. Let me have some fun ;-))



    I had thought that it would encourage people to play both servers, if the max limit were set appropriately, maybe the beginner server stats could even be reset once a year, or maybe never. I dont see an urgent need for veterans to go there and play all that much, unless its to chat and teach. If i go, I target only the leader, or a bot first, never a rank lower than 200 if i can help it. so far i only have gone in there a maybe 5 times.

    I would say that basic things they like shooting and buying are for figuring out for themselves and the clever tactics they can then learn at the pro server. There is no need to make the noobs into good players at the noob server, thats what the pro server is for.

    I am still for a limit, but i think it should leave room for players to have time to get a hang of things at their own pace. 200 is a bit to low, 500 is probly the smallest max i would vote for. In light of what you said WIllis, a player who really likes the game and picks up the game quickly, might easily get 200 kills in few days agaist bots on a slow week. thats not really much time to get comfortable with tough games agaist good players.

    I dont think its a big deal for a good player to go in now and then and stomp the noobs a little, but it should not be happening on a regular basis, or its just not functional as a noob server. if the minimum kills is 50, that means that 50 kills makes the player “somewhat” ready to play against the pro’s. If we dont expect any playrs to move to pro by not setting a max, we may as well reset the minimum kills limit to pro server to be higher than 50 eh?



    It was 16 pm my time. Noone was on pro server. I am not willing to wait for i dont know how long for other players to join the pro server. For that my time is too precious. Than i better look for something else to do, when i cant go on beginners server anymore. And what the heck you have with me???
    I am still a noob, most time. There are so many other good better players on there then me. At least i try to help. So hush ;-)) 😈 👿




    I am glad you are helping others, we need more people to do that, but
    dont pretend to be a noob, mandy, that is not gonna work with me, 😉 I have seen you play very well and win against many veterans.

    i do understand that you have only so much time, but you play quite often, i think you can wait for a few minutes or at least ask some of the beginners that look good to come over to main server? if you have not done that then you should. otherwise we should stop calling it the main server.

    I would like to see at least the same number of poeple on main as on the beginner. where is the incentive for people to stop playing beginner and come to main? if there is not one, we should come up with one.



    hey I’m too gonig to the beginnerr cause of not to mandy ppl plays when im there. Its the time zone I guess.
    I too kill AIfamilar players(like mandy;-)) first.
    I too trying to help. I sometimes diggs non-chutes+shield players to tshow them the importance of parachutes. (I should have new signature: “Buy parachutes first”). 😀

    And brytha, Go ahead kill 65< rank ppl but remeber that (at least) admin r there mostly for help. ( and for kill the other admins:)). Ofcousre they kill. They can’t not kill…

    Mandy? call me and I’ll be there in the main server 😀
    It seem that we r almost in same time zone.




    Something needs be done. Pro[normal)server never has people. I look and see the same people on the beginners server. A few people play on the server and talk trash. 😯 If I was a beginning player getting killed a lot then I’d know that I was dead. Having to tell me that “Your Dead…..hahaha” , it is not sportmanslike and no fun.

    I know some players should be on the main server. Mostly the noobs don’t want help. I tried to help with little appreciation. So I think A Max number of kills on the beginners server is a good idea. And also have the AI’s teach things like “Save your money, Watch how much a player spends. Baby Roller don’t work on Purple Sheilds”….etc I spent a lot of time figuring a lot out by myself and some help. The more noobs know the better off they be in the normal server. :



    holy crap! AI’s teaching tips, that is freekin great idea. you wind the prize of the day! 😀 😀 😀



    ….. for once i have to agree with boy. It is a fantastic idea that bots teach.

    To the limitation i have to say you guys do what ever needs to be done anyways ……



    Yup, nice idea. “Buy and activate parachutes to avoid taking damage from falling” would be a must have tip 😉

    I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again : I’m not really for totally blocking “experienced” players to play on beginners server. I suggested that stats not being recorded after a certain kill amount could be enough to force people into the other server, while still allowing bored/lonely “pros” to play a lil while on the newbs server.

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