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    Good point, although it should be possible to log on to the game in progress if connections are available if not treat it as an offline game or show it as it is now.

    The point of this would be to have a game for the casual gamers to play without any delay, drop in as a spectator one second away from a casual game. Drop in in the middle of a round is that difficult to do?

    Or see whose there and tell them to come to a “serious” server where you can play a real game. Why not create a playable lobby to meet people and go to where you want to go from there. Better than shooting the bot for some rounds waiting for someone to show up, or joining a game halfway against some guy with way too much cash.



    Idk, that sounds a bit repetitive, and potentially firghtning to a new player…

    Kinda like

    c’mere little boy(newb), lets go to this room(server) i got candy(gonna own you cause your new and i need kills)…
    (could be dangerous)




    Actually Bazz i was re-reading your posts, this was a very good suggestion. Im sure it would be a great intro. But imagine yourself new to a game youve never played before, and the minute you launch it your thrown into a battle on the main lobby. Sounds scary to me, or atleas upsetting.

    The new voting system feature i noticed in the bug tracker will probably eliminate the need for a “elite” server, since it would allow players to vote on gameplay styles.

    __man i cant wait!!!__ The suspense for the new version is killing me already, i see all the completions in the bug tracker, and cant help but feel like a baby missile about to explode! LOL




    Wow the first person to actually address any of my suggestions, or so it feels anyway.

    If you like search for any other suggestions im sure there are dozens over the years, mostly ignored.

    The problem i experienced was the lack of communication and the lack of inclusiveness, which are a result of another problem i have pointed out several times.

    But hey if thats how people want it to be it will be like that.

    Futile thoughts i suppose.



    Development communication has been pretty poor in the past mainly due to my lax way of handling requests. If people want to put any new requests here they will be tracked, commented on and processed in the correct way. Hopfuly it will improve the whole process.

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