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    I’d like to start off by saying that I speant more time than I should have playing Scorched Earth years ago and I’m well on my way to doing the same with Scorched3D.. 😆 And in the course of playing this past week I’ve had a few ideas/questions come up and I thought I’d get em out there. So here goes..

    1. Aim Key
    When using the A key, is the distance to the marker displayed anywhere?

    2. Free Economy
    I haven’t been using free economy but I had a few questions about it. Does it vary the prices every round? Also, is there a way to set the minimum and maximum variance that it creates?

    3. Wall Types
    Instead of just being able to choose between Random or a single wall type, could we get check boxes for each of the three types so we can haven’t different combinations? Example: use wrap and bounce walls but not solid.
    In addition to the previous idea, would it be possible to have a special mode that randomizes all 4 walls between the chosen types? I think it would be awesome to have some walls wrap and others bounce or be solid. It would add a little more variety to each round.

    4. New Land Type
    It just feels to me, that there was more land to blow up in the old Scorched Earth. In light of that I had an idea for a new, “Plateau” or “Mesa” land type. The land type would basically be a very high platform with steep sides and a slightly varied surface (like lowlands) that would cover most of the map. This would create a LOT of land to blow up and have fun with. 😆

    5. Submersion Unit
    How about a “Submersion Unit” that would be a required purchase to survive under water. I think the pricing would be somewhere from 5-10k and would be a one-time purchase like Auto Defense. If this were to become a reality I think it’d need a serverside option to disable it because not everyone would like the idea.

    6. Weapon Tags
    Could we get a value behind the and tags for weapons instead of just true/false? I think it would be great to make MIRVs with larger/smaller areas of affect as well as have some direct control over how much damage a weapon does and not just it’s size. This could already be there I just haven’t tried putting values in instead of true/false/yes/no.

    Please forgive the length of the post and anything I mentioned that has been mentioned before. These are just my opinion/thoughts and I’d love to hear comments/criticism about them.




    1.) The auto aim just sets the turret rotation. It was felt by many that any indication of distance, whether by auto setting the power or by providing some sort of indicator, would be too easy. I believe Ctrl-G overlays a grid on the ground, though.

    3.) It seems to me that each wall is already random among the three options. I would like to see a “choose two of three” option as well. 😉

    4.) More land area would be nice. I’m noticing that on the “lowland” (flat blobish island) and “narrow” (one longish island) that it gets pretty crowded with more than six players.

    5.) I think that eventually water will have some sort of adverse effect on tanks, and I would be in favor of some kind of oxygen tank or air supply to counter that effect. I am tinking of something that would be used on a round by round basis like shields, or even a turn by turn basis like parachutes. Naturally, prices would be higher for the one round use than the one turn use. Discount for bulk! :mrgreen:



    I’m glad there is no indication of distance, I just wondered if there was. I too think it is better just having to eyeball it (which I’ve gotten pretty good at).

    About the wall types tho, right now if you choose Random, it randomly selects one of the three wall types for each round. I was referring to having multiple wall types in the same round. I think that would be a cool feature to have to scope out the walls each round to see what shots are possible.



    ok, I wasn’t too clear. the wall types are random for each wall, each round. I’ve seen games where a guy on the edge of the map could shoot through the wall at another guy, but the second guy, when trying to return fire, hits a “solid” wall.

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