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    Just thought I’d post some ideas I’ve had sitting here for a while and see what happens. There’s nothing really crazy here, just a few minor enhancements.

    One basic idea I had is that it would be nice if you could define a different MotD for different servers (e.g. a server.xml definition). This would allow you to post different rules for each server and so forth in the MotD. If the player and/or ai name lists were definable in the server settings as well it could be fun. These settings would be nice to have to promote differences between different servers on the same machine, particularly the MotD setting. This might even already exists but I am just unaware of it.. 😛

    I think it would also be cool if you could set an armslevel for round 1 and then another value for how much to increment the armslevel each round. Basically round 1 you would be limited to buying whatever the starting level of weapons is set at. Each round the armslevel would get bigger by whatever the increment is set at until the maximum armslevel (in server settings) is reached or armslevel 0 (no reward) weapons are allowed. From that point on, the maximum armslevel is in effect until a new match is started. This is basically an extension of the “no buy on round 1” idea that is already in place but I think it would be more fun and is alot more customizeable. I think it would help out people who didn’t do so good in the first round because the people that did well couldn’t go straight to buying death heads (or worse 😈 ) in the second round. This would give everyone a chance to compete somewhat for a few rounds until things get crazy.

    Just a few ideas I had, feedback is always welcome.

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