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    A thought I had to make better use of the dirt weapon was:
    When the dirt lands, it lifts the ground (the way it does now) but instead of burying the tank(s) it lifts them.
    This would raise tanks out of holes, would change the attack angles (poss lower the required angle to make shooting in caves easier) or raise them for easier kill.
    Would have defensive and offensive use.

    Other idea, altho im sure its been suggested is:
    When a round win is tied, the points are shared rather than all given full points.
    Would make the games closer and encourage people to kill the remaining player than save weapons/money and still get full points.






    you’re quite an ass aint ya



    I do like the shared round win idea. The win and money should be shared.

    I think I already suggested that the dirt just put the tank on top. But some better thinkers in here mentioned that it would just cause people to make dirt towers again. Plus what Thrax said.



    Surely dirt towers are possible now, simply needs to be just infront of you.



    @thrax wrote:

    So, What you’re saying, is that we should break the laws of nature,
    go against 15+ years of Scorched-Earth tradition,
    and absolutely ruin over 86 weapons across the 27 known
    mods; Just to please 2-3 new-comers to the game…

    Gee, Why don’t we remove the ability to create craters while we’re at it..
    It’s the same weapon feature, and I’m sure a few starting players would
    like to avoid the need for costly parachutes..

    Dirt.. It make’s hills, covers tanks, creates barriers, fills craters, and
    generally acts kinda like… Dirt? Go figure.

    Surely you must realize that what he is talking about is supposed to be implemented as an optional addition to the dirt weapon rather than a replacement of the functionality. Sheesh, woke up on the wrong side today did we?

    For main/beg I am more interested in the 2nd idea which in addition to price optimization should be tried before mucking about with the weapon functionality if you ask me.



    Is it possible to do shared points or money?

    I personally don’t think a round win should be awarded to more than one player. But that’s another issue.



    So you think that in the case of a draw, noone wins?

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