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    Levi the Oracle

    Hello Scorchers

    As part of the effort to rebuild the S3D community, I suggest we follow the example of other MP online games and have a live chat lobby available to everyone, as soon as they connect to the online game section.

    I would recommend it be put in a window below the server list, a window that can be scrolled up and down. Either you can view the entire server list, or you could view the entire chat lobby, or anywhere in between.

    I realize we have a chat feature included as part of this forum, but no one uses it so it is of no use. I believe that if it were automated, that is to say, each player is connected to the chat lobby automatically when they click “online game”, preferably with the name they will use in the game should they choose to join a game.

    It might be simple to use the chat system that is already built into the game but just display the output to a window below the screen that currently displays the list of servers. I would recommend the lobby be moderated with troll control features.

    A chat lobby gives players a place to hang out between games, which is a huge community builder. I don’t know if this game can be modified in such a way, but imho, it would be well worth the effort if you want to build a stronger community.



    perhaps you should contact lappy working on the new website for a flash or java chat insert for the new website.(just to see if its feasible) It would be sweet to have one embedded on the forums too.

    Gavin would be the actual guy to contact for its approval.




    We did already consider a server-list chat lobby, whether using it’s own
    protocal, or hooking to the available IRC channel. But it was set aside
    due to possible abuse issues from twits and spammers.

    Since the servers themselves aren’t all on one pc, it would be difficult to
    link in-game players to the out-side, but setting aside a special lobby before
    playing is possible. If it could be propperly Moderated.


    Levi the Oracle

    @thrax wrote:

    If it could be propperly Moderated.

    It is an absolute must to implement some sort of moderation system. I would recommend a community moderation system of some kind, or a clan of moderators, should the lobby become so populated smacktards become a problem. Admins of the game itself do not necessarily have to take on the additional responsibility of lobby moderation.

    My personal experience with a gamespy chat lobby was that zero moderation leads to total chaos. Ad bots and troublemakers all need to be dealt with.



    why not have them log in, and use a confirmation code much like our current log in system, should that take care of the spambots?

    Word filters, paired with a moderator who pops in every now and then?




    Nice idea. This is again something I’ve been thinking about for the next major release. Basicaly a chat channel that is accessable in the game servers, via this web site and in the lobbies. For this to work I think you need shared web/server passwords, see my other response.


    Levi the Oracle


    You have my permission to give us the best-moderated chat lobby of any online game. You do that, and watch scorch grow.

    If we could do our own bot advertising in the lobby, we could spam information every five minutes or so, much like the in game spambot.

    I bet you could get creative as to who hosts the chat lobby, or how the lobby is hosted. Once someone clicks on “play online” make them the host of the lobby, until they leave, or connect to a game. If they leave and there is no one else, there is no host. If there is someone still left, they become the host. It would be great if it looked just like the in-game chat.

    I noticed that the list of servers is a tab, perhaps you can add a tab for a chat window.

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