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    Laptops Daddy

    for anyone who’s feeling clever.

    i thought it might be nice to make a graph of server activity over time.

    how do we go about that?

    maybe if we had days against number of connections, to start, and then, perhaps we could colour each bar on the graph by combining ‘Time Played’ for each day, to show the relative newbieness? (maybe shifting from red to blue or something). could that work?

    anyone who’s into that kind of thing, im sure the data’s already there for the taking. and if we can work out a system, i expect we could find a way to show a graph for each server in the stats. could be valuable for tracking which game and website changes are working?

    i think we need more admins to hang out on the servers like the old days, to meet and greet new players and take care of ‘restart games’ here and there. this new website will make a difference. once it’s finished, i think we should jump on it.



    for what it’s worth. i’d also attempted something crudely similar.

    By expanding on the existing Activity tab in Stats, i display several days
    worth of players to help others see when active times were and could plan
    when to join a bash.

    It only tracks Connects tho, so it could also be one guy having a really hard
    time staying connected and trying 40 times 😀

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