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    Good newsbad news.
    As from today, the 50 kills limit in order to get to the main serverteams is off. No more wasting time and funky bombs to reach it as quick as possile. Free for all players
    Noobs, beginners, pro’s, gcamp, all are welcome to the main server.
    Also, the servers settings are now the same in both beginners and main servers.

    Put your feedbacks on replies here, pls.

    The new changes just been set by Gavin.




    this is only a try, to see how things work out.

    its not settled yet.

    why this announcement????




    announcement, um, so more ppl will know…. 😉



    main is a good hiding place from those big weapons thrown around in beginners…



    so far so good

    I played in main yesterday. It had the feeling of the old server. Noobs and players with more skills playing together. And it was fun.

    I was being taunted by a newb and that makes me smile. Who cares if he could only kill me with a nuke, I still died. I’m not saying trash talk is always fun but in the occasion it was.

    Skilled and Newb’s unite!!!!



    Until the 7th of Aug 2006 there were 242 players with 50+ kills on beginner’s server. Out of those 128 had 100+ kills, 62 had 200+ kills, 42 had 300+ kills and so on and so forth. Considering these numbers among other things, I find it hard to believe that the kill limit has been a deciding factor when players think about moving on (or going back more frequently) to the main server or not.

    Most of the time there are people on beginner’s but it’s rarely full. Mods, for example Scavenger as of late, make many experienced players with a history on the official servers spend less time there. And to be honest, unless you are particularly interested in seeing your name on the ‘top ten list’ in the stats section or gaze nostalgically at the medals you get when you post in the forums, what incentive is there to play on the main server under those conditions?

    I don’t have a problem with the limit being removed, no problem whatsoever. I just wonder what effect it could possibly have unless the servers start to fill up more. Since no further information on why this action has been taken or what goals are intended to be achieved is available, I can’t come up with any ideas or suggestions at the moment. Should any such information be made available, I’d gladly make an effort to try and help our community forward.





    Dear Big Bear, I’ll give you the rundown on the history of this, for the benefit of all.

    the limit was created primarily to make the main server (where ALL the players used to be) more sucure from banned players. None more famous than AT. At present, the riff raff seems to be manageable. without the limit, banning is much less effective.

    THe beginners server itself was intended to unclog the FFA server and allow the newer players to learn without being slaughtered. games were frequently full and noobs would sit quite alot while experienced players would want to join and hang with their homies.

    The combination of the limit and the new server gradually filtered the vast majority of new players from the main server, in addition to cramming all the riff raff in the Beginners server, which at that point was just like any other game server around. It was a “cruel world” as barny once put it. The idea was flawed.

    Quareling ensued as to what to do, as the admins, who loved their old server, broke into camps about how what to do to make things better.

    the quarreling bogged down any action.

    Eventually the Beginners server took on a life of its own, a Genesis of sorts. The players that frequented there, firmly planted their foot against change. For what it was worth, it was theirs, they didn’t want no admins telling them what where to be. “This game is free by god! “

    As the old timers sat and thought about what they had created, they became jealous of the Beginners server, and wanted the noobs back.

    More quarreling ensued, as wll as begging for new ideas to be implemented (much of it on my part)

    Eventually the old timers, tired of their quest for the perfect place to hang out, where no admin actions were ever necessary, and all the players were friends, collectively shrugged their shoulders and said. Hell, what good is it anymore. Maybe we can try things without no limits.

    Then G (G is for Gavin, not God) changed it back. and poof, the servers are both alive again.

    *thats as far as I can tell (without stopping to reread what I wrote, or check my spelling and grammar) the way it went.



    I played on main the other night for a while – first time I’ve played there for very long in a while. We even had a full house for a bit – hadn’t seen that in a long time.

    It’ll take a while for things to “settle out” before we know if it’s a good solution or not. So far, for me, personally, I like it. We had a couple new guys say something like “It’s too hard for me here”, and they went back to the beginner’s server, but a couple stayed. (And sometimes had an easy time of it, as the more well-known players tend to get shot first lol)

    I’m happy with it this way, and I hope it works out in the long run. 🙂




    Thanks for the update, let me know how things progress.



    moved topic



    @apache64d wrote:

    Good newsbad news.
    As from today, the 50 kills limit in order to get to the main serverteams is off.


    How was the 50-kill limit implimented, Code-wise.

    What would i need to do to my server setup to create this effect, 5-kills or so.



    [gcamp@talkie gcamp]$ cat ~/.scorched3d/minkills-27270.xml



    Brain Damage

    i might be wrong, but you have also to set the “AuthHandler” Option in the server xml to minkills as well to activate it

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